The best of Zonum for CAD / GIS

Zonum Solutions is a site that offers tools developed by a student at the University of Arizona, who in his spare time was dedicated to putting code to topics related to CAD tools, mapping and engineering, especially with kml files. Perhaps what popularized it was that they were offered for free, and while some of them running on desktop had expiration, others run only with previous versions of Google Earth, some are still valid and of course, those that work online are totally available.

Here I show a summary of the near 50 applications available in, although it is somewhat complicated to categorize some, as they apply to more than one of the divisions that I have established, it is an attempt to summarize everything that is in that site.

Kml shp dwg dxfTools for Google Earth and Google Maps

  • CSmell it: Allow you to thematize about Google Maps, a country or zone of choice. You can define colors by administrative division, centroid and contour thickness and then lower the kml to open it in Google Earth (In OpenGL mode). In most of my tests I found an error that does not change the selection of a US state.
  • DigiPoint: With this tool, you can draw on Google Maps, a layer of points. The type of view can be chosen, as well as if we want to visualize the points in lat / lon or in UTM coordinates; also configure the type of icon, color, name of the layer and if we want it in 2D or 3D. Then the file can be exported to kml, csv, kml, gpx, dxf, txt, bln or tab.
  • E-Query: Extract coordinate elevations in the base of Google Earth. Kml shp dwg dxf To do this, if we have a list of coordinates, either in lat / lon or in UTM, we enter them by importing the file or via copy / paste. Then, we define the type of separator (comma, tabulation, space), and by pressing the elevation search button, the system goes to the base of Google Earth and gets the corresponding z coordinate. Then you can download the file in gpx, csv, txt or tab format.
  • A great tool, which can be useful to create a terrain model based on the elevations that Google Earth has, Zonum google earth severalCalculate the elevation of a path from which we have only the x coordinates or convert any 2D layer to 3D.
  • GpxViewer: This is a very practical tool, which displays on Google Maps a file taken with GPS in GPX format.
  • Epoint2GE: This tool works at the desktop level, and converts coordinates from an Excel file to a kml that can be read by Google Earth. Of the most valuable of this application, is that it allows to choose the range of cells, order in which the coordinates are found, accepts that they are in geographic (decimals) or UTM and symbol. Of course, the data must be in WGS84, it is the one that uses Google Earth. Although this application is no longer available, you can use this Geofumadas template Which generates one kml from UTM coordinates.
  • GE-Census Explorer: Zonum google earth several This tool is pasted into the US Census database and facilitates the creation of thematic layers in 2 and 3 dimensions. It only works with this base, but it is an example that someone with code knowledge can use to stick to another base online.
  • GE-Extent: This is associated with a routine, which by associating a PHP address to a kml, captures the extent displayed in Google Earth and returns it as a detail. It could be very useful, for example to combine with Stitchmaps Or when we are going to capture screens for Then georeferencing them With respect to the coordinates of the corners; Quite similar to what it does GPS Visualizer.
  • GE-UTM: This tool is similar to the previous one, both in operation and construction. With the difference that what it raises is the UTM coordinate of a specific point.
  • Kml shp dwg dxf MapTool: This is a set of tools concentrated in an online viewer that allows in a click to choose the type of visualization including the option "fly to" by means of which one can go to a specific UTM coordinate or to a geographic region.
  • Among the available options are lat / lon data display in degrees, minutes and seconds as well as in decimals and UTM.
  • You can also do calculus with different units of distance in a straight line, in polyline and area of ​​a polygon. It also calculates the route between two directions and displays the elevation of a specific point in meters and feet.

Convert kml files to other formats.

  • These are four loose tools that allow converting files from kml to dxf, shp, txt, csv, tab and gpx. The latter works online.Zonum google earth several
  • Kml2CAD (Kml to dxf)
  • Kml2Shp
  • Kml2Text
  • Kml2x

Other tools or obsolete ones working with previous versions of Google Earth

The following, do not run with the latest versions of Google Earth, but we mention them by the creativity they have, if someone wants to use them in compatible versions or simply to generate ideas for someone who is working a similar tool.

    • GHG: This is not a tool, but a graphic that shows all the symbols used by Google Earth, with their numbering. Ideal for customizing kml files without battling what identifier and image they have.
    • Zonum google earth severalGE-Symbols: This one looks like the previous one, with the difference that it works online, and when you press the button they execute a script that shows the code. Lately I've seen this routine is down.
    • Mapplets: These are descriptions in xml code that can be applied to aspects such as specific coordinate deployment or peer entry to Google Maps. In practice I have not managed to make such mapplets deployed by entering the url in Google Maps.
    • ZMaps: This is a collection of links to different Zonum tools. Almost the same summarized in this section.
    • ZGE-Toolbox: This was a complete set of tools developed on the Google Earth API, unfortunately it was not updated for the DirectX of the current versions. However it is worth knowing that I did things like: circle drawing, section cutting, copy / paste, export and other ways to digitize directly in Google Earth.

    Mapping tools and CAD files

    These resolve some normal routines of data transformation and interaction between dxf files and coordinates.

    • Cotrans: Conversion of coordinates in line.
    • Ectrans: Converting coordinates from tables.
    • GVetz: This was never built.
    • CAd2xy: Extracts properties from a dxf file.
    • EPoint2Cad: Export Excel points to AutoCAD.
    • Xy2CAD: Creates a dxf from xy coordinates, inline.

    Tools for Shape files

    The following are tools that convert shp files to different formats, among them txt, dxf, gpx and km. Most of them allow you to configure the type of units and characteristics of the destination file, it is required that at least the extension files .shp .shx and .dbf are present.Zonum google earth several

  • Shape2Text, Shp2Cad, Shp2GPX, Shp2kml.

Tools for Epanet

Of this They had already spoken once, at least those related to Google Earth, but there are more according to this list.

  • Epa2GIS: Comes from Epanet to Shapefile.
  • EpaElevations: Assigns elevations to nodes in a network.
  • EpaMove: With this option, which works online, a complete network can be moved from a point of origin and DeltaX / DeltaY. The rest is calculated automatically.
  • EpaRotate: Similar to the previous one, but what it does is rotate the network. Ideal for systems that were not georefused.
  • EpaSens: This is for calculations of networks, being able to play with the diameter of the pipe and demand to see its impact in the different nodes.
  • EpaTables: This creates a csv report file with respect to an Epanet file. Details quantity of valves, tanks, pipes, etc.
  • Excel2Epa: This is a macro about Excel VBA, which exports points with coordinates to a .epa file
  • Gpx2epa: With this routine, you can convert to Epanet a file taken with GPS in gpx format.
  • MSX-GUI: Another smoke.
  • Net2Epa: This is part of a tool described above, where you can mark the points in Google Maps and download them to Epanet format.
  • Zepanet: This tool is not developed.
  • Epa2kmz: Convert Epanet files to Google Earth.
  • Epanet Z: This is the best, allows to upload background in Epanet the layer of Google Maps, Yahoo or Bing maps.
  • EpaGeo: This allows transformations to Epanet files in aspects such as units and coordinate system.
  • Shp2epa: Convert shp files to Epanet.

Thread Tools

These are useful for hydrological design under some United States standards and unit conversion.

  • Curve Number: This solves any of the variables in the equation used to calculate the SCS.
  • LNP3: Solve the probability of a point x in a natural Logarithm regression.
  • PChartz: Psychrometric chart to calculate variations of temperature, relative humidity and other herbs also smoked.
  • Ucons: This is a great tool for Engineering students. It converts several units including mass, pressure, time, temperature, power, etc.
  • Zucons: This is the same tool as above but operates online.


Definitely a great job, to be free. While some are not current, it's worth it Give him a couple of cents In gratitude.

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  1. I would like to know if there is any scrit to automatically create the meridians and parallels in Autocad

  2. Regards, could you tell me what kind of coordinates EPANET uses? Are X, Y, but of which: UTM, geographical-decimal, Cartesian, which. THANK YOU VERY MUCH…

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