BiblioCAD, download AutoCAD blocks and plans

BiblioCAD is a site that contains an invaluable amount of files ready for download. You can easily solve it when you are doing a project or give us new ideas on how to develop it. Let's see some cases:

  • We occupy a detail of an insulated shoe zunchada, with isometric view, cut and plant.
  • We need blocks of people, trees or plants
  • A complete project of multifamily buildings, on which to inspire us
  • A spiral staircase modeled in 3 dimensions

In short, these are just examples, and for you to see here I leave a sample:

Bcadocad autocad blocks


Who would not want Download dwg plane Of this building of houses in height, that not only includes the planes in plant but cuts and perspectives.

Bcadocad autocad blocks See this urban design project. Although the development is from Colombia, it can be useful to imagine how we want our product to look when working a Territorial arrangement planning.

There are files in vector formats like dwg, max, 3Ds, but also some in PDF and other formats.

Bcadocad autocad blocks

The case of constructive details is practical, as these usually do not require a mandatory scale and with a couple of adjustments can be reused. As the example I am showing ... the time saving is remarkable.

Definitely, the best of BiblioCAD is the amount of content that has been shared. It is not wrong to download enough files to keep them in our repository; sooner or later we may need it. Also because these sites often disappear overnight and leave us with the regret of not having taken advantage of them.

I like the navigation on the site, both with the search by keyword and by the hierarchy of ordered categories. Once chosen, you can choose sub categories; the second example I'm showing is in Urban Design, but the categories here are the countries; very practical. Similarly, if we searched for trees and plants, the sub categories would be 2D, 3D, etc.

All Download Plans Of BiblioCAD are sorted in this way, I leave them part of the list of categories to see the amount of content there:

  • Openings (1,557)
  • Urban equipment (445)
  • Construction companies (297)
  • Acoustic insulation (5)
  • Stairs (532)
  • Roadworks - dykes (886)
  • Animals (172)
  • Farms and inst. Farming (188)
  • Parks and gardens (686)
  • Trees and plants (1,001)
  • History (323)
  • People (971)
  • Air conditioning (270)
  • Hospitals (560)
  • Pools and swimming pools (221)
  • Sports and Recreation (699)
  • Infrastructure (980)
  • Spreadsheets (95)
  • Construction details (2,523)
  • Installations (1,300)
  • Projects (8,991)
  • Drawing with AutoCAD (217)
  • Machine Tools (917)
  • Toilets (788)
  • Disabled (210)
  • Means of transport (1,685)
  • Symbols (169)
  • Urban Design (1494)
  • Furniture and equipments (4,583)
  • Construction systems (394)
  • Electricity Lighting (319)
  • Building standards (255)
  • Textures (1,520)
  • Electronics (22)
  • Landscape objects (186)
  • Miscellaneous (213)

BiblioCAD is not a place to plagiarize other people's contents and show them as our own, nor is it allowed to upload material that is not their own. Much less is a space to sell your AutoCAD blocksHowever, it is appropriate to recognize the added value offered to the community by the provision of resources such as the one offered by this site. Of course, nothing is free in this life, holding a web on the Internet costs money, so in order to download files that are not of the FREE category it is necessary to share your own files, which gives us credits to access the download.

There are also monthly payment plans, ranging from $ 20 for a month or $ 2.77 monthly if you pay a three-year subscription for $ 100.

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  1. I would like you to inform me how and where I can download free sanitary blocks for Autocad 2010

  2. Well I want to download plans that give me a better experience.

  3. There are very good plans that take advantage of. Besides that it is a very useful tool. Thank you……..

  4. It could be that they cannot be opened with the version you are using. You would have to convert them using AutoDesk True Converter, it's free and you download it from the Autodesk page.

  5. CAD downloads do not open to me I have the 2006 or is it that you only see the drawing? Somebody tell me please

  6. Good day
    I would appreciate if you will inform me where I can download autocad block in 3d I need to finish a job of the u

  7. If I would like to download plans to take some ideas and contribute from my plans for other users to do the same, maybe I have good ideas that someone could serve

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