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It seems that finally I found an acceptable application for IPad that allows to write in a blog without much suffering. Until now he had been trying BlogPress And the officer of WordPress, But I think Blogsy is the one chosen in terms of WYSIWYG editing more or less friendly.

While I must resolve the service with images hosted in the same domain because it is very oriented to interact with what is hosted on Flickr or Picasa, also find the solution so that it does not insist on adding spaces between paragraphs.

But finally I can say:

Hello from my IPadThe el salvador sprig

While we fish in the mangrove of La puntilla, I will be completing the article to gain confidence. Blogsy has two display modes: one called Rich side, which is where the preview content is seen, the images are dragged and placed here; the other side is the html, here it is written.

To go from enriched to HTML you have to drag your finger horizontally, great but I struggled to find it without the help. I finally learned it by accident.

In this table you can see what is possible to do. Very good, better than what you do with LiveWriter, and the following graphic summarizes the main functionalities. Also the table describes what is done on different editing sides.


  • To register the, or blogs, it is configured in the "settings" button, in the lower right part of the screen.
  • You can see the posts in "published", "draft" and best of all, supports local version with what you can work before uploading permanently.

100_5935 Media sites

  • Different Flickr, Picasa, Google and Youtube accounts can be set up. This is quite good, because in almost one click you will find your own files.
  • To find images, just select it in the panel called "Dock", touch the chosen image with your finger and drag it to the content of the text in rich mode. There are quick options to locate in the center, or aligned to the left and right ends.
  • The image is released, and voila. Although a current error in the application does not allow relocating it by dragging it because it is lost.
  • Then you can touch and modify these conditions as alignment, link, alt text or delete it. You can also change the size although this lacks practicality since you cannot add a size with a manual number such as 450, generally with the fingers it costs a bit.

To find images in the browser, you just have to write the address of the page that interests us, then place your finger on the image of our interest. Not all images can be dragged, as some sites display them with a script, but in general, images displayed via the tag show the Fomo mascot.

They crawl and drop, and voila. An annoyance is the option that almost all images maintain a link, which should be able to be configured somewhere in the application to eliminate it as default. Like general image width sizes (original, 450, 300, etc.)

Add videos to post

For this, the Youtube option of the tab called Dock is chosen. Then, from being chosen, it is dragged to the post. Incidentally, a second finger can allow resizing, then released.

To change its properties, touch and modify options such as size, borders, color, associated videos or delete it. You can also configure options for iframe, As they were displayed before the videos instead of being embedded.

In case of entering the embedded video code, it is selected in the browser, copied and then pasted to the preferred location when in the "Write side”. This sometimes costs, because Safari for mobile has its limitations to copy and paste the code, especially when combined with Flash display.

Create links

There are at least two ways:

The first one is by selecting the text that you want to use as a link in the "Rich side" mode, then the site is opened in the browser that contains the link. Once the image or site is found, you place your finger and drag to the selected text.

It takes a bit of practice, but after a while it works and I find it better than using the tag . Once the link is made, with one click you can modify the link conditions, as a new window, to change to an internal domain by removing the root path or to remove the link.

The other way is, always in rich mode, click on the rich text and choose the option "link" and write or copy the url of the link.

The el salvador sprig text format

This is where most Ipad editors have fallen short. If there is gain in Blogsy, it is that in the rich mode you can apply formatting, such as underlined, bold or italic, although you can also touch the tags in the html mode.

At one point I struggled to make the selection of text, but finally I have come to find practicality by double-clicking on a text, then dragging the ends of the selection with a simple drag as far as the interest.

By the way, I show you my best photo of the trip, just back from a day of fishing. This is La Puntilla, at the mouth of the Lempa River in El Salvador. The fishing, just a catfish, a mutt and two toadfish; Bad for asking to be cooked in the restaurant but good as fun.


This is very practical, one of the best I have seen, as it facilitates the option of adding labels or categories very conveniently. It even allows adding new ones to the existing list.

It has an ugly error, which has been corrected in the downloaded version now, which capitalized the first letter of each text in the title of the post.

To publish a ready article, you can choose the option defined for it in the button called "post info" or do it very conveniently by dragging three fingers up. Great, and of course, lift a button to confirm if it is true or a simple gesture error.

Not bad for a couple of dollars. Although we all hope that there will be more functionalities, mainly to be able to load images stored locally or taken with the Ipad2.



Over time improvements have been implemented ... many

For example:

- Supports TypPad, Movable Type, Joomla and Drupal

-Interface in several languages, including Spanish

-Also the way to add WYSIWYG attributes


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  1. I don't know what date your blog is, but WE CAN ALREADY insert images from our camera roll, from ipad, as well as upload videos from our YouTube channel is AMAZING APP, we are very happy, the technical support is spectacular…. an error appears, the ipad sends a message to them with the problem, then they send the FIXED CODE back to the WP to insert it into the the config.php very goodoooooooooo

  2. Hello, I am Lance, one of the guys behind Blogsy.

    Thank you for writing about Blogsy. We will continue to improve Blogs and so hopefully it will one day satisfy 99.9% of the bloggers out there.

    If you want to vote for what you would like to see added to Blogsy after we have uploading done you can go here -

    A lot of users have told us that our how-to videos really helped them get the most out of Blogsy. The videos can be found here -


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