Free Books, well ... almost

A few days ago our friend from Geochalkboard Offered to regulate his books, seems to be renovating his library ... or the girl expelled him from the apartment and now they can not fit.

Beyond the maps Beyond Maps, is the one that I have most satisfied to acquire. It's from ESRI Press and I think it's a good reference regarding the implementation of geographic information systems in municipal instances ... even if it's for the memory because it came out several years ago. Amazon sells it For $ 30.36, although used are worth $ 12.00

The other is Profiting From a Geographic Information System, Which is worth $ 140.00 On Amazon, And $ 95.00 always used on Amazon.

The only thing to do is ask them, and of course, have a physical address in the United States because Eric asked in exchange $ 10 for internal shipping costs ... if you asked for Quito ... you would have to pay almost as if you are in Madagascar

Come on, visit the Erick's blog... there are still some who have not donated to this date: And if you take pity on this your Geofumadas collaborator, I accept the donation, it's a good way to spend those $ 10 dollars that you have in Paypal and that do not adjust you to buy a lot ... There they let me know

GIS in Public Policy
Beyond Maps: GIS and Decision Making in Local Government
GIS in Telecommunications

Zeroing In: GIS at work in the community
Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation
Understanding GIS: The Arc / Info Method (2 copies).
Programming with Avenue
ArcView Developer's Guide
ArcView / Avenue Programmer's Reference
Profiting From a Geographic Information System

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