Break the password of a VBA macro from Microstation

Visual Basic for Applications is a series of libraries that Microsoft made available, somewhat old but very powerful especially in versions of Office before 2010. While it continues to exist, many developments are now made in .NET and other environments; even so, for developments based on marcros, VBA is a very practical solution and in the Case of Microstation, quite simple. At least I remember talking about this, showing the Bounded map And something with XFM.

These are some of the problems that have come to me this morning, as I ran at the Virgin's roundabout in a tropical home:

Help: When I run the VBA, I get the message:

«Licensing information for this component not found. You do not have enough rights with this license to use this functionality in the development environment. »

There are several ways to solve this problem, among them, install a package of microstation prerequisites such as those that came out for XM. The problem here is that, possibly when using a version of Windows 8 or Windows 10, many old-fashioned libraries do not work and surely this VBA was built before 2010.Vba-xvi32-microstatin-excel

A practical output: Installing Visual Basic 2010 Express, this will not load the computer much and will add the OCX controls that possibly an experienced user since the debugger could detect and enter from the command console.

A probable route of Download Visual Basic Express is this.

In case you are wanting to run from Microstation Connect Edition, it is almost certain that the application has to make an adjustment because some library routes changed.

To execute a VBA marcro of Microstation, in the case of V8i and earlier it is done with Utilities / Marcro / Project Manager. In the case of Microstation Connect you have to choose the Utilities tab of the Ribbon.

As you can see, the macro is executed but if we want to touch the code will show the protection window.

Is it possible to break the password that a VBA has?


The password protection functionality of Visual Basic for Applications seeks to generate control and security for the developments, so it should not be correct to ask for these things on a website. However, assuming that the solution is because we forgot the key or that the technical developer gave him the chikungunya and hung up the mouse, here is a practical solution using a hexadecimal editor.

VBA is adopted by the developer companies, so the acronym used within the code to indicate when the password is placed changes from one application to another. For example, to remove the key from an Excel VBA macro, the acronym is DBP = »password», for Access the key is DPX = »password». If we find that string, and we change it to something like DBR instead of DBP, or DPR instead of DPX, when it is saved, the key protection command will no longer be well written and the vba will open without protection.

This, using Hex Editor, in the Edit / Search option, writes the string we are looking for, for example BDP, with the Text string option and keeping Case active active, as shown in the following image.


Using a Hexadecimal editor (Hex Editor), it is likely to open the .mvba microstation extension macro and make that change by following these steps:

1. Download XVI32

This can be downloaded from this direction; In my case I'm downloading the 2.55 version, low compressed in zip, you have to unzip it and run the xvi32.exe file.


2. Open the mvba application.

It is advisable to make a copy before opening the VBA. See how protected you are, here you can see the guts. Well, all that remains is to find that acronym, once found one of the three letters is changed to an X, and saved. With this, the VBA is already unprotected.

When closing the application will ask if they save the changes, it is necessary to indicate that yes.


Once it has been saved, see that when you open the VBA it no longer asks for a key, so it is likely to assign a new one. If the user who had forgotten the key is still working in the company, you have to go to give him some bumps in the head or at least force him to pay for the beers on Friday; If he died with the chikungunya, we make another minute of silence.


Finding the acronym for VBA of Microstation (mvba), seems to be the next riddle. It is not the same for Excel or Access but with an effort of common sense and patience you can find it.

For the savings that means not being able to know the password, we will give you the acronym string in exchange for a symbolic collaboration. Of course, there is always a culprit or a winner, that one has to be charged XD. For that you have to buy the download with Credit card or Paypal.

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  1. regards
    In my case, I don't want to break, delete or destroy, the word vba password, what I want is to let me know or remember the password. Do you know what the mode would be?

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