CadExplorer, search and replace with CAD files like Google

At first glance it looks like an iTunes for AutoCAD. It is not, but what seems to be a tool built with ideas as creative and with functionality almost as with Google.

CadExplorer is an application that facilitates data management with AutoCAD files (dwg) and also Microstation (dgn). Axiom, The company that has developed other programs, but let's see what has caught my attention this:

Cadexplorer for autocad 2012

It is a map finder

We are accustomed to the Google-style Gmail search, we do not know where the mail is but we remember a couple of words, we write and we already have a list of emails that could be the one we need.

Well, in that simplicity logic, with CadExplorer you can make a tabular and carousel-like display of the files, with a thumbnail view. It works with dwg files and also dgn, for purposes of this review I am placing in parentheses the equivalent names for users of Microstation:

  • The unit where they are stored
  • Folder
  • The file name
  • How many layouts (models) has
  • How many layers (levels)
  • How many elements does each map have?
  • Even, you can know in what format of dwg / dgn has been saved and what date was modified. Great, then you can sort by column header.

Apart from the deployment, a specific search could be made of one or several files that meet a condition, for example those that are dwg version 2007 version; the files that have the most objects inside, such as to verify which ones weigh the most; those that were modified between the 11 of March and the 25 of March of the 2007 year, etc.

Beyond this, CadExplorer can search within the files of things like:

  • Blocks (cells), as if you wanted to know how many pieces of furniture called "bed" exist in 35 files.
  • Text, like the case of wanting to look for a specific cadastral key.
  • Geometries such as circles, lines, or boundaries (shapes) With filters such as line type, thickness, color, layer (level), Etc.
  • The search is done not only on the basis of the name, but also by the description, attributes or tags such as blocks, external references and layouts (models).
  • Once an object of interest has been found, it is possible to approach the object in the form of a preview. Then you can also open the file, for eto, of course AutoCAD or Microstation.
  • This search or tabular display can be generated as a report, send to Excel or save as smartview, a kind of search stored for consultation in a click.

He is a mass editor

Imagine that the specifications say that the axes go in a level called "axes", with red color and thickness 0.001 and that the labeling text of the axes must be Arial with a size of 1.25. We have a project in which we have separated the work in 75 files, some of which have that level, others do not, the texts could be in those conditions but we do not know and possibly many require verification and / or adjustment of that change.

Cadexplorer for autocad 2012 CadExplorer is made for just that, make massive changes to CAD files. It is great to do quality control, just select the layer called "axes", you can apply the change to all files at once.

You can also search for text and replace or concatenate based on strings or regular expressions. A great solution really to solve the problems of violation of the standards (CAD-Standards)


A great tool, definitely. Apart from good looks, the functionality of CadExplorer looks quite practical. Initially I remember seeing it for Microstation files, but now it works the same for AutoCAD files regardless of its version. The latest version runs on Windows 7 included for 64 bits.

Cadexplorer for autocad 2012 For more information you can contact the website of Axiom, Or follow them Via Facebook Because they occasionally do online demonstrations.

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