What can be behind the resignation of Pope Benedict

The day has dawned the alienated world behind a news that only shows us the participation that the Catholic Church has in the global context.

Today it would have been common Monday 11 of February with ephemeris that would not have gone beyond the villages whose patroness is the Virgin of Lourdes, to the heat of a fair that today begins, with local gastronomy in champas around a place, rodeo the Thursday , Afternoon soccer championship and visitors coming from other villages to leave some foreign exchange and look for girls with difficult smiles in the park.

But to give an example, in Twitter of Venezuelan context, 6 of the 10 hashtags revolve around this event:

So, the news has taken the media by surprise at dawn on the American continent; from the most conservative notices to the extreme conspiracies, it is to be expected since lately with Internet they have become popular. Films like Angels and Demons stir that feeling that nothing happens in this life without a thing hidden behind.

Pope Benedict Waiver

This, and the leisure that produces an opening event of my son's classes have forced me to invest 755 words on a topic that will have us occupied the next 45.7 days, although for now the question is only one and just the title of the article, Which leaves our technological focus, but not our cultural context.

It was expected, because of his age

This is the most conservative response. An 85 person of years has many physical limitations for the agenda that requires distant travel, long meetings, and being behind an itinerary that rather than solving problems involves defining policies around a faith that last year had 1,196 millions of baptized; nothing less than an 17% of the world's population.

What takes away from this first response is the surprise of the news; without preamble, without prior notice, and only with 18 days in advance; Leaving the position right in the time of greatest fervor in the year. While there have been 3 resignations before, the last happened almost 600 years ago and was in the middle of a conflict of recognition or not of conflicts, antipopes and other difficulties that after 40 years almost ended with his resignation.

The pressures of the present times.

We live in an age where social, moral and ethical pressures strongly debate positions that Benedict had been very radical; Although his first thesis writing on St. Bonaventure was returned in 1954 with a severe criticism of Professor Michael Schmaus; With positions that began to break traditional schemes of the time.

Abortion, homosexual marriage, birth control, euthanasia, genetic manipulation, organ donation, to mention some issues that have strong groups that pressure worldwide. And these are aspects in which it will be difficult to agree. Above all, if we consider what could be individual positions against collective positions from a dogmatic approach.

It could be that we individually believe that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancy ... but I believe that that is the best thing for my two children, and consider that solves the pregnancy problem among adolescents and single mothers in my country ... there are A great distance

Their positions are evidenced in the Letter addressed to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, Archbishop of Washington DC

There may be a legitimate diversity of opinion among Catholics about going to war and applying the death penalty, but not, however, with respect to abortion and euthanasia.

So, while the pressures of these times might not be the reason for his resignation; Surely the pressure will be on whoever happens to him.

The next question is more complex.

While this week the media will rotate around this first question, the spin will go behind a second

Who will be the new pope?

It would not be strange if the Latin American scenario becomes interesting in this regard. There is a big difference between the fervor that represents this faith in America and the traditionalist level that Europe has after its historical implications and the wear and tear that a generation produces where intellectuality and development leave the spiritual aspect in a "particular" perspective. Apart from being a dignified gesture for an emerging context in religious aspects, it would also be interesting considering the policy challenges that join efforts towards social development, which Stand out figures In Argentina, Brazil, Honduras and Mexico.

So it would not be strange, to mention candidates from this continent ... which is certainly a time of transition in many respects, including a socialism that wants to leave the cave populism to an attractive proposal to the challenges of the worn-out right.

Anyway, we all hope that whoever comes will take into account the challenge of a religious denomination that has a high percentage of the world population ... hopeful in transformations that lead to better living conditions in the here and now ... while the preparation For the afterlife.

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