CHIP The Micro computer of 9 dollars

What would happen if they told you that for 9 dollars you can have a computer the size of a matchbox with which you can:

  • Browse the Internet using WiFi.
  • Connect a mouse and a keyboard via Bluetooth.
  • Connect a monitor via HDMI or VGA.
  • Connect to a TV and run retro games.
  • Perform Excel, Word, using Free Office routines.

Micro computer chip

The guys creators of this idea are the same as they previously raised in Kickstarter 70,000 dollars, with the Camera to create animated GIF. With the difference, that this time his goal was 50,000 dollars planned for a lapse of 30 days was exceeded in 24 hours only. That same Saturday I ate a hamburger with my children carrying $ 250,000, Monday were above the 865,000 dollars and finally collected more than 2 million.

For anyone it may seem like an unnecessary toy, considering that not everyone likes Linux operating system included in the small device. They may also consider capacity limited: 1 GHz Processor, 512 MB RAM and 4 GB storage. A bit smaller than Raspberry but with a broader view in connectivity and Linux version.


But the genius of this project, not only is that for the price of a USB memory you are having a Micro Computer, but both your hardware and software is Open Source, which could be a tipping point in which competition For selling improved versions of microcomputers are below the 100 dollars. If I were HP, I would already be buying the version for hackers that will be ready in September of this 2015, to advance to the competition that will come.

25 years ago, thinking that Open Source would become a stable business, was deluded. Today we are not surprised to see how Geoserver, WordPress, QGIS, to give examples, are sustainable solutions in which everyone can do business and compete with proprietary tools, even surpassing them in many aspects. Perhaps it is time that the Open Source Hardware is positioned, because although it exists, it has not yet become too widespread to move companies to create solutions that compete with the big brands.

The figures were cool from the start: At 5 days of the project launched, these guys outnumbered 17 times their initial goal. Those who contributed the 9 dollars just in this month of December of 2015 received our CHIP to brag, who entered the next package of 5,000 units had to wait the next month of production (January 2016). Although the adaptations HDMI, VGA and portable version will be up to a year, near June of 2016.

With that collection, the boys secured an investment fund with what they can catapult more than the emprendimiento. For now they struggle to meet the times for this preliminary version, since by the fifth day they already had 17,000 compulsive buyers.

With the noise that have generated sites of great influence, surely they should have run to contract geofumado resource to help them to cover a demand that for 2016 will not be for this primitive version but for one that competes against the expectation of the users that would be willing to Pay 59 dollars for additional features such as more disk, more memory and the possible promise to support Windows 10 as it has been offered Raspberry PI.

This was the collection project for CHIP

This is the Getchip company website

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