Civil 3D, create an alignment (3 lesson)

In the two previous lessons we saw How to import dots y Customize them. Now we want to make an alignment from the points marked as stations.

Create the polyline

For that, we use the polyline command and we use the snap command to the nodes. We go from the initial station to the final.

Cross section civil 3d profile

Create alignment

For this we say "alignment / create alignment from polyline"

then we touch the polyline and we get a panel that for now we do no more than name the alignment. We will call it "Mel Zelaya Street"

Cross section civil 3d profile

And there my friends have it.

Ah, you want to create a surface?

Right click on surface, new and well you can call "Surface Hugo Chávez"

Now right click on "definition / point groups" and we say that all those points are the ones that make up the surface.

Cross section civil 3d profile

Well, there we continue after I'm confusing my composure. Try while creating profiles from the alignments and on the created surface.

Cross section civil 3d profile

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  1. Hi friends can you tell me how to make a longitudinal profile through an alignment already with its parked

  2. I need to do an alignment (abide a polylinea in autocad 2014

  3. The alignment comes out in inches, as I do for q me in meters or rather my actual distance

  4. I would like to help me to convert an alignment into a polyline in 3d ...... the Civil 3d is winning me ...... ..
    Thank you to anyone who can support me in this problem.

  5. Hi friends, thank you for this very interesting contribution. Go ahead. Congratulations. Take care. If the road stretch is too long, I can cut those sections.

  6. When you create an alignment, for example, create from a polyline, and you see a panel to assign properties, the third box called

    "Starting station" lets you place the starting point

  7. Hi, how's it going super well?
    It is the first time that I have the pleasure to see this site ..
    This is very interesting ... ..
    I have a question ... how to change the mileage I want it this way
    0 + 123.25 .... But dress me up this way. 1 + 23.25 and not found how to fix it ... tell me ... greetings blessings ....

  8. 1 once I see the site I find it very interesting what they do keep it up,

  9. I wish I had less trips, and fewer school tasks my boys.

    But we'll see.

  10. Greetings friends of geofumadas, their topics are very interesting, they can help me to create cross sections and calculate volumes, then create horizontal and vertical project slides per kilometer and place project quota label, natural terrain, cut quota, Filling and abscissa.

    I hope you can help me, thank you very much



  11. Hi Alfonso, interesting topic, I wanted to talk about it. I'll take a while, when I get back from my trip ... I hope it's not too late.

  12. Hello geofumadas friends ... It is an excellent contribution yours with this program as good and extensive as is the civil 3d .... I am a civil engineer and I would like you to please help me with a particular subject such as the calculation of volumes between two surfaces but limited by a rectangle ... that is, in a sector of the land ... and if tables can be presented with the calculation of volumes together with sections where you can see the lines that define the nautal terrain and the line where the cut has reached .... Thanks in advance and I await your response soon ... ..
    Keep it up ... Greetings

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