Point Clouds and Synchronization with Google Maps - 5 What's New in Microstation V8i

The possibility of interacting with Google Maps and Google Earth and the handling of data from scanners are some of the urgent expectations of any GIS - CAD system. In these aspects no one doubts that free software has advanced with more speed than proprietary software.

Right now I am reviewing the second update of Select Series 3 of Microstation V8i (, and it is good to know that there are advances. Let's see some news that have come both in 3 Series and 2 Series:

1 Synchronization with Google MapsMicrostation v8i

In an earlier article I mentioned Sync with Google Earth. In this case, they have added one more functionality that allows the current view of the dgn / dwg file to be synchronized with Google Maps, and can also choose the approach level.

This is done since Tools> Geographic> Open Location in Google Maps

Before clicking on the screen appears a floating window that allows us to choose the approach level, which can range from 1 to 23.

Microstation v8i

It is also possible to choose the view, which can be: map, street or traffic.

And you can also choose the style: map, hybrid, relief or satellite.

As a result, the system opens in the Internet browser, with the chosen deployment.

Microstation v8i

Not bad, but it is difficult to understand why it is not as simple as adding it as a new layer ... in what I have known, it is the next thing they will do in the next version.

2 Saved views

It is a functionality like the one that other CAD / GIS programs have done a lot, which facilitates the possibility of saving a direct access to a specific deployment. With the big difference that Bentley applies the options of configuration of view, where it is possible to this deployment to define which layers will be active, what kind of visible objects, perspective of view, among other things.

It is even possible to define which files are called reference, and visibility condition.

Microstation v8i

3 Support for Realdwg of AutoCAD 2013

We know that in 2013 AutoDesk modified the file, which will be valid for AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD 2015.

Microstation Select Series 3 can open, edit and save these types of files natively.

In this, yes that the agreement with AutoDesk has been a great achievement, that all OpenSource have been unable to sustain. Not even to import, much less to edit natively.

4 Cloud Point Support.

This is a functionality that started with Select Series 2. Although in the new edition have added improvements in usability.

You can handle points in formats:

TerraScan BIN, Topcon CL3, FLS Lighthouse, LiDAR LAS, Leica PTG - PTS - PTX, Riegl 3DD - RXP - RSP, ASCII xyz - txt, Optech IXF, ASTM e57 and of course, Pointools POD, technology that achieved this after its acquisition in recent years.

5 Support for developments in virtualized environments.

Server virtualization is a recent issue, but has grown in functionality as we now have better controls over trust and broadband connections.

With this, it is possible for different servers to share processes, transferring open sessions and distributing the capacity to other servers without having to be physical as 10 does years ago. Thus, services such as GeoWeb Publisher or Geospatial Server can be in a cloud of servers, without the fear of saturation or the need to have an exclusivity due to the overload implied by old-fashioned processes.

In general, we find interesting the novelties of Microstation V8i in its third series. Although some aspects in the geospatial theme always go more slowly than the OpenSource energy, at the level of vertical applications in engineering of industrial plants and Civil Engineering, it continues to be an important reference in sustained innovation.

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