CAD / GIS boot comparison

This is an exercise in the same condition, to measure the time it takes to start a program from the click of the icon until the moment it is running.

the tortoise and the Hare For comparison purposes, I used the one that starts in less time, and then an indication (rounded) of times in relation to it. It is not intended to draw conclusions, because my poor machine is very loaded with programs, but yes, all are measured in equal conditions.

Windows XP Professional, Intel Core 2 Duo, with 2.19 Ghz and 1 GB of RAM.

Surely there are specific details that will justify the delay of some, but I leave it to their free will. ArcGIS and TatukGIS are left out that I would have liked to include, but they are not installed.


Time to start

Times slower boot

Manifold GIS 7x 8 seconds 1
Arc View 3.3 10 seconds 1.25 veces
Microstation V8.5 12 seconds 1.5 veces
Microstation Geographics V8.5 18 seconds 2 veces
Microstation V8i 26 seconds 3 veces
Google Earth 5.1 37 seconds 5 veces
Quantum GIS 43 seconds 5 veces
AutoCAD 2009 44 seconds 5 veces
Bentley Map V8i 66 seconds 8 veces
GvSIG 1.9 72 seconds 9 veces
AutoDesk Civil 3D 2008 84 seconds 10 veces


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