Product Comparison AutoDesk Vs. Bentley

This is a list of the products of AutoDesk and Bentley Systems, trying to find similarities between them, although it has been difficult because some applications have the same orientation, but their approach is not always the same. Before we had seen something of the evolution of AutoCAD and Microstation.

In summary, we can draw the following conclusions:

Base platforms:

Autocad microstation While AutoDesk considers its base platforms AutoCAD and AutoCAD Maya, Microstation considers its base platforms Microstation, Project Wise and Asset Wise.


Architecture In this field, Bentley concentrates on a single application for 3D layout, while AutoDesk offers different applications (bought separately, of course), among the most valuable Quantity Takeoff for costs and budgets, integrated with CAD

Civil Engineering:

civil Engineering In this field, both platforms remain in similar competition, Bentley takes advantage in the structural area, distribution systems, hydrosanitary systems and electromechanical design although on AutoCAD there are many other companies that have developed specialized applications, as is the case of EaglePoint among others .

Geospatial Engineering

GIS In this field Bentley takes much more advantage, offering more tools of mapping, publication and data management although with the step towards Microstation XM some applications of V8 were redesigned. Bentley also has a series of products oriented to the design of network systems and distribution of services.

A few days ago we talked about how AutoCAD and Microstation have evolved since the early eighties, surviving time and adapting to the needs of technology customers.

Plant and Manufacturing Industry

Cad plants In this area Bentley specializes in industrial plants and managed management, while AutoDesk specializes in mechanical, industrial and manufacturing design under the control of production flows.

Multimedia Applications

3D animation In this field AutoDesk has no competition from Bentley, and with its base product AutoCAD Maya a series of applications keep you positioned on the 3D film and animation industry. Also in this field AutoDesk offers applications for Linux and Mac that allow not only use some products with orientation of multimedia design but of the other areas.

The following is the list of products, with similar approach.


Bentley Systems

General Products

General Products

AutoCAD (Base Product) Microstation (Base Product)
AutoCAD LT (Economic Base) Power Draft (Economic Base)
DWG TrueView (Free) Bentley View (Free)
Bentley Redline (Free)
Autodesk Buzzsaw Project Wise (Base Product)
Autodesk FMDesktop Project Wise Start Point
Project Wise Navigator
Autodesk Impression Project Wise InterPlot
Microstation Extensions
Autodesk Freewheel
Autodesk Pre-Plan
Autodesk Symbols
Autodesk Pre-Plan Command
DWG TrueConvert



AutoCAD Architecture Bentley Architecture
Autodesk Max 3ds
AutoCAD Revit
Quantity Takeoff

Civil Engineering:

Civil Engineering:

AutoCAD Civil 3D, Civil Design Geopack (Site, Bridge, Survey, Civil)
AutoCAD Land Desktop InRoads
Bentley Rail
Bentley Rebar
Autodesk Survey Bentley Power Sourvey
Bentley Power Civil

Structural Engineering and Construction

Structural Engineering and Construction

Revit Structure Bentley Structural
AutoCAD MEP (Electromechanical and Plumbing) Building Mechanical Systems
Building Electrical Systems
Bentley Facilities
Bentley CloudWorx

Networks and Distribution

Networks and Distribution

Bentley Waste / Water
Storm Water Bentley Storm / Sewer
Bentley Copper
Bentley Fiber
Bentley Electric
Bentley Coax
Bentley Inside Plant
Heastad Methods Solutions (Water / Sewer / Storm CAD, Water Gems, Hammer, Scada, HEC)
Autodesk Crisis Command
AutoCAD Electrical
Autodesk Location-Based Services Products
AutoCAD Mechanical
Autodesk Mobile Command
CAiCE Visual Transportation Products
Autodesk Constructware
Autodesk Subcontractor
Autodesk Utility Design

Geospatial Industry

Geospatial Industry

AutoCAD Map 3D Bentley Geographics
AutoCAD Raster Design Bentley Descartes
Bentley Map
Autodesk GIS Design Server Bentley Geospatial Server
Autodesk MapGuide Bentley Geo Web Publisher
Bentley I / IRAS B
Bentley Power Map Field
Bentley Power Map
Bentley Hotels
Geospatial Management (XFM)
Bentley CAD / MAP Script
Bentley Expert Designer
Autodesk DWF Writer
Autodesk Topobase Project Wise Integration Server



Plant Space
Bentley AutoPipe
Bentley AXYS
Project Wise LifeCycle Server

Manufacturing and Design

Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Intent
Autodesk AliasStudio
Autodesk Streamline
Autodesk Design Review

Mac / Linux Applications

Autodesk Burn (Linux)
Autodesk Cleaner (Mac)

Applications for Multimedia

Autodesk Maya (Base Product)
Autodesk Gmax
Mental ray
Autodesk Cleaner XL
Autodesk Combustion
Autodesk FBX
Autodesk Flint
Autodesk Flame
Autodesk Fire
Autodesk ImageStudio
Autodesk Inferno
Autodesk Luster
Autodesk PortfolioWall
Autodesk Productstream
Autodesk MotionBuilder
Autodesk Mudbox
Autodesk Smoke
Autodesk Stone Direct
Autodesk Backdraft Conform
Autodesk Wire
Autodesk Toxik
Autodesk Wiretap
Autodesk VIZ
AutoCAD P & ID
Autodesk Showcase
Autodesk SketchBook Pro

6 Replies to "Comparison of AutoDesk Vs. Bentley products"

  1. You're right, the AutoDesk suites are now different and in case Bentley has integrated other products.

  2. It would be good to update the information as the platforms have changed and in some cases improved

  3. Thanks Txus, I have made some changes using your valuable information.

  4. I would like to point something out ....

    Autodesk Topobase, can not be considered as a base product, in fact would have to put it in the category of Geospatial. Topobase is like Map + Mapguide + Oracle on a platform ... ..

    Civil Design and Survey are applications on Land Desktop (to be extinguished).

    In Structural Engineering and Construction, there is:
    Revit Structure,
    AutoCAD MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing),

    In Networks and Distribution, there is:
    Autodesk Utility Design

    And as an application on Civil 3D, Stormwater Design & Analysis

  5. The comparison is very interesting, although I would like to read something more detailed about the facilities that MS and AutoCAD offer to those who develop applications. Years ago, MicroSation (and Intergraph) offered a very powerful language, half BASIC and half simple Assembler; a complete description of your data file (at that time, nobody talked about "data bases") and software (DFO-DFI) to be able to write translators. In contrast, the facilities offered by AutoCAD were less extensive. And by that time it didn't open its file formats.
    In those chapters, how do both products compare today?

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