Compendium of Manuals and Best Practices for Cadastre

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Manuals for Cadastre - of the Technical Series

Cadastral Survey ManualUrban Cadastral Valuation ManualRural Cadastral Valuation ManualNon-digital cadastral maintenance manualPlanning Manual in CadastreStaff Training Manual

Manuals for Cadastre - from the Technological Series

Digital cadastral Mapping ManualDigital Cadastral File ManualManual of Geographic Information Systems (Cadastral SIG)Digital Cadastral Maintenance ManualManual of national exchange with cadastreCadastral Equipment Care Manual

Manuals for Cadastre - of the Administrative Series

Manual of cadastral ValuesAdministrative Limits ManualManual of Urban PerimetersLand management manualManual of legislation applied to municipal cadastreManual of multipurpose cadastre

Manuals for Cadastre - from the Series Good Practices and Popular Version

Popular version of CadastreImplementation of technologies in Municipal Cadastre

This collection of documents and videos corresponds to the documental systematization designed and developed by Golgi Alvarez, in the Municipal Strengthening Program.

The programs and applications correspond to the legal, temporal and procedural context of the country in which the Program was developed.

They are promoted in this medium as democratization of the knowledge.

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