Convert dwg files without AutoCAD

I remember at one time having had the need to convert some very old maps, made with AutoCAD but in versions so old that the discs were 5-1 / 4. I would have liked to know this application.


Is Dwg-2-Dwg

Not only converts AutoCAD files from old versions, but among the new ones, let's see some of their attributes:

  • It can be converted into batch type tasks
  • Files from version 2.5 (1987) !!! up to 2008 version, both in dwg as well as in Dxf
  • It is not required to have AutoCAD
  • Support for print layouts, with feather support
  • You can select the files or folders complete
  • Generates type report file log
  • Easy interface in drag & drop mode
  • Printing can also be done in batch
  • Useful for recovering old files or for companies that are afraid of piracy.

Not bad for $ 75

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