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UTM Coordinates in Google Earth

In Google Earth the coordinates can be seen in three ways:

  • Decimal Degrees
  • Degrees, minutes, seconds
  • Degrees, and decimal minutes
  • UTM coordinates (Universal Traverso de Mercator
  • Military grid reference system

This article explains three things about the handling of UTM coordinates in Google Earth:

1. How to see UTM coordinates in Google Earth.
2. How to enter UTM coordinates in Google Earth
3. How to enter many UTM coordinates in Google Earth from Excel
4. How to input many UTM coordinates, display them on Google Maps and then download them to Google Earth.

1. How to see UTM coordinates in Google Earth

To view UTM coordinates, select: tools / Options. As shown in the image, the option Universal Traverso de Mercator is selected in the 3D View tab.

Thus, when viewing a data, we will see that at the bottom there are coordinates in the UTM format. The displayed coordinate equals the position of the pointer, as it moves across the screen it changes.

The meaning of this coordinate is:

  • 16 is the area,
  • P is the quadrant,
  • 579,706.89 m is the X coordinate (Easting),
  • 1,341,693.45 m is the Y coordinate (Northing),
  • N means that this area is north of the equator.

The following image shows the 16 zone and the point where the example coordinate is located.

To facilitate the visualization of UTM zones in Google Earth we have prepared a file, which you can download from this link.  It is compressed as zip, but when you unzip it you will see a kmz file that can be opened with Google Earth and allows you to identify the UTM zones, as shown in the following image. It includes the UTM zones of the American continent, Spain and Portugal.

2. How to enter UTM coordinates in Google Earth.

If what we want is to enter UTM coordinates, then we do it in the following way:

The “add position” tool is used. This displays a panel where the coordinate is displayed in UTM format. If the positioned location is dragged, it automatically changes the coordinate. If we know the coordinate, then we only modify it in the form, indicating the area and the coordinate; When selecting the accept button, the point will be located in the position that we have indicated.

Google does not have a functionality in which multiple UTM coordinates can be entered. Sure your question is:

Thanks for the information, but how do I enter a set of coordinates?

3. Option to enter many UTM coordinates in Google Earth directly from Excel

If what we want is to enter a set of UTM coordinates that we have in an Excel file, then we will have to resort to an additional tool.

In this tool you enter: the name of the vertex, the coordinates, zone, hemisphere and a description. In the right section you add the path where you will save the file and the detail.

When you press the “Generate KML” button, a file will be saved to the path you defined. The following graphic shows how the list of coordinates is displayed. The file should be displayed like this.

Download the template

To acquire the template without limitations, you can acquire it with

PayPal or Credit Card at this link

Once you make the payment you will receive an email indicating the download route.

Common problems

It may happen that, when using the application, one of the following incidents may appear:

Error 75 - File path.

This happens because the path that has been defined where the kml file is to be saved is not accessible or there are no permissions for this action.

Ideally, you should put a path on disk D, which has fewer restrictions than disk C usually has. Example:

D: \



The points are coming out at the North Pole.

This usually happens, because in our windows, as indicated in the instruction for the template to work, the regional configuration must be established in the regional panel:

  • -Point, for decimals separator
  • -Coma, for thousands separator
  • -Coma, for listings separator

So, a data such as: One thousand seven hundred and eighty meters with twelve centimeters should be seen as 1,780.12

The image shows how this configuration is done.

This is another image that shows the configuration in the control panel.

Once the change is made, the file is generated again and then, the points will appear where it corresponds in Google Earth.

The number of points you will convert exceeds the 400 points.

Write to support, to enable your template.

If you have any other questions, write to the support email It always indicates the version of windows you are using.

Golgi Alvarez

Writer, researcher, specialist in Land Management Models. He has participated in the conceptualization and implementation of models such as: National Property Administration System SINAP in Honduras, Management Model of Joint Municipalities in Honduras, Integrated Cadastre-Registry Management Model in Nicaragua, Territory Administration System SAT in Colombia . Editor of the Geofumadas knowledge blog since 2007 and creator of the AulaGEO Academy that includes more than 100 courses on GIS - CAD - BIM - Digital Twins topics.

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  1. Hi. Could you tell me if there is a program where the greenwich meridian could change its location, for example, that it passes through Senegal or to any point on Earth?

  2. Let's see, there are several edges to take.
    1. Keep in mind that being a garmin browser has a precision between 3 and 5 meters every point you take.
    2. The images of google earth are not certified in terms of psositioning. So they are often displaced sometimes up to 30 meters.
    3. If you are going to happen to Arcgis, you only import from the program. Your gps data is more accurate than what you can have by moving it with the gogle earth image. If you want to see if they are consistent with an image, it should be with another source, not google earth.

  3. Hello, I have some points obtained with Garmin GPS but when moving them the earth is located a few meters above where they should be by the photo, with garmin applications have no problem.
    How is that problem fixed in order to pass the info to argis?
    Thank you

  4. Try to open the kml file with excel or a text editor to verify if the rounding of figures is only visual in Google Earth or it is also in the file.

    It would also be necessary to see if that could be done by the program von which you converted the coordinates to kml.

  5. I have a problem with google earth pro, it turns out that I load all the points that I take with the help of a GPS …… at each point the coordinates had decimals (UTM system) but when entering the google earth program again these decimals were rounded to zero How do I make them come back?

  6. My problem is with Google Earth Pro, it does not accept the coordinates degrees, minutes, seconds. Every time I introduce them I
    a legend appears that indicates "WE DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS LOCATION", with the coordinates degrees, decimals it has no problems. Thanks for your help.


  7. As I indicated. Google Earth images are not reliable in absolute positioning.

    It means, that at a relative level, they are very good. As the case you have done with the RTK, I understand that you have placed a position based on the image. At a relative level, it will be good for you.

    But at an abosluto level, the images are not reliable based on points taken with precision gps.

    I recommend you look at this article where we show what happens in the overlapping areas of images.

  8. Greetings thank you very much for your comment the problem is that when I make a correction with an established base I change the coordinates and after that correction appear well with the image apart from that take a few points with rtk without checkpoint and that coordinates come out very well with respect to the image the error I only see it in the static points thanks

  9. Greetings thank you very much for your comment the problem is that when I make a correction with an established base I change the coordinates and after that correction appear well with the image apart from that take a few points with rtk without checkpoint and that coordinates come out very well with respect to the image the error I only see it in the static points thanks

  10. Hello Fredy Surely your points are fine; in general, Google Earth images are displaced between 15 and 30 meters. You can check that in the areas of overlap between images of different shot.

    surprise this example

  11. Hello Fredy Surely your points are fine; in general, Google Earth images are displaced between 15 and 30 meters. You can check that in the areas of overlap between images of different shot.

    surprise this example

  12. Greetings please comment on a problem that has been presented to me I have a GPS grx2 sokkia when I put two control points in a static way I post-process and enter the coordinates to Google eart the points I get displaced from 10 to 20 meters with respect to the images I do not know if Google is the bad guy or what is going on I would appreciate your comments.

  13. Good I want to know if someone can give me your comment about a GPS grx2 sokkia when I want to place two static control points and post-process when entering the post-process coordinates to Google eart I leave displaced the points with respect to the image the displacement walks approximately from 19 to 20 error meters

  14. Hello,
    Please if someone can help me I have nort 22499.84 and easting 8001.61 coordinates, these coordinates correspond to a piezometer. these are supposed to correspond to Zone 17 S - Peru, but this is not how I do to transform them to where they correspond
    Thank you

  15. Good evening I appreciate who can help me, I have two points that I got from the garmin GPS are: 975815 and 1241977 the other point is 975044 and 1241754, how can I enter say how would the coordinates be seen in google earth in Google Earth. The zone is Panama de Arauca Colombia zone 19 N is on the Google earth I am using the Transverse Mercato datum projections 2000 and with the parameters MERIDIAN CENTRAL: -71.0775079167 latitude 4.5962004167, this 1000000 north 1000000

    I am grateful to you who can illustrate how I can represent them in google earth or explain the method or give them to me already at the coordinates of google. I will be grateful

  16. greetings how can i axseder to the satellite images of years ago in google earth.
    Thank you in advance!

  17. Good afternoon, I have a problem that I would like if you could help me, I have coordinates taken from Google Earth (I understand that they are in WGS 84) and I need to transform them to Psad 56 that they recommend, I would greatly appreciate it.


  18. Good afternoon to pass a dwg to google eart is necessary to have civil 3d, with the command export kml that is the same kmz that is the format that manages google eart, or download the global mappers program, simply insert the dwg file.

    I have a question because if the flat coordinates of my place are 104 e and 95 n, In google eart they appear at 65 e and 45 n… I can't understand it…. I want to convert a file in Colombia and it always throws me somewhere else and I configure both files that could be the error that google eart has ..

  19. Hi Luis.
    The coordinates you are mentioning are not unique to the globe. It was repeated 60 times in the northern hemisphere and 60 times in the southern hemisphere, 2 times for each of the UTM zones.
    In order to be able to represent them, you have to know the area to which they belong, since they are not geographic but projected.

  20. Hi. Can someone help me convert coordinates to flat to geographic

    For example I have: 836631 x
    1546989 y

    I need to place them on google earth

    Thank you

  21. but any gps you use will not give you the exact location in your stakeout since the gps do not work in real time and you will have an approximate error of 15 meters

  22. Hello, I am new to this, I am just starting to use, good to start I am an electrical designer, and we are in my work in installation of Media Tension lines, the contact of the electricity distribution line tells me that its connection point for us connect is a post, which is located at the coordinates UTM North 6183487, This 288753 datum WGS84, H18, I would like to know how to enter this data in google earth to get to the map view, greetings from Chile.

  23. It depends on the device model.
    If you are referring to an eTrex-type navigator the accuracy is in a radius of 3 to 6 meters.
    Other Garmin equipment is more accurate.

  24. These UTM Coordinates taken with a Garmi GPS are reliable or rather, there is reliable presicion with what the GPS provides.

  25. It serves you any browser (GPS), particularly I prefer GARMIN

  26. I would like to know which device on the physical terrain could mark the utm coordinates that I have in the cadastre of a specific plot and polygon.
    Thank you

  27. That is not so easy to determine.
    You can see in some countries, where the state has provided the images to Google, which do match.

  28. I could explain if the images of Gopgle are displaced, deliberately done or there is a way to correct it ..

    Thank you

  29. Google Earth uses WGS84 as Datum.
    To match your data you must work with the same Datum in AutoCAD.
    Also Google Earth images are displaced, so even if the coordinate is the same you will find displacement. Although the distance you mention for sure, you must be using another Datum.

  30. Hello partners! I would like to make a query that may seem silly to you. In autocad I georeference an image (jgp) with a plugin that I use called "GeoRefImg", well, when the image is well located within the autocad space I take a random point and ready the coordinates (x,y) and then I'm going to google earth and enter these coordinates in UTM mode but it does not place the point in the correct place with differences between 150 and 200m. Which may be due? the datum that autocad uses is not the same as google earth? Or is it just a google earth bug?
    Thanks in advance.

  31. I need help:
    I have put the coordinates grid in UTM in google earth, but I need the grid to be at the kilometer, since I want to use it for Earth Orientation. The grid that comes out does not work for me. Can this be done or do I have to search by other means? Q do you recommend?
    Thank you very much.

  32. Hey.
    First, Google Earth uses WGS84.

    Then, you must remember that the images of google have displacements, not uniform and that you can check in the splices that exist between these. Another way to try it is to draw a building, then activate the layer of another year with the history that Google has and you will see that they do not match.

  33. Hi, I'm sorry for the robbery but I'm going crazy, I do not have much idea of ​​cartography and I'm in a dead end street.

    I try to geolocate some bus stops in google maps. I have the coordinates in utm, but I have not managed to know what ellipsoid uses. When dealing with Spain, I have tried ED50 and ETRS89, but when I convert the coordinates to longitude / latitude, the offset with the stop is very large, at least 100 meters if not more. Is it possible that you are not using the correct datum? Is Google Maps Failure? Is there any way to correct this lag?

    Thanks and I hope you can give me some indication of where to go

  34. HELLO !

  35. I have a problem with an excel template to transform UTM to Geograficas
    I paid with Pay Pal and when I open the link sent to my email it gives me ERROR

    Help please

  36. Hello Mars
    The application to which you referred was made with a duration that has already expired.
    One option is to use Digipoints, it works online, you can enter utm coordinates and then export to kml to see them in Google Earth

  37. Hello, sorry, I read the page and tried to download the application that you recommended to pass the utm coordinates of excel to google earth, but I could never install the program pq decia qeu had expired, I see that his last update was 2007-08, currently , is there any new application to put the UTM coordinates to Google Earth and be able to locate a terrain ?. I thank you infinitely for all the guidance.

  38. Eco
    You have to convert the UTM coordinates to geographical coordinates.
    For that, I recommend you eQuery, an online tool that allows you to convert lists of UTM points to Geographical points.

    Then in Google Earth you can visualize those coordinates by writing them in the viewer or by opening the txt file

  39. Hello "g", the information is very interesting, however I find myself with the situation that I have the coordinates of UTM "X" "Y" and I cannot or do not know how to locate the map on earth, I would appreciate if you can help me

  40. I need to move polygons from planes to google heart please let me know
    Thank you

  41. Hi Ana, there are programs for what you want, which is usually called geocoding. But it usually depends on the structure of the addresses.
    If you show us some examples, we can see it.

  42. Hello, I'm interested in converting addresses to coordinates (x, y) and they told me that Google Earth could provide them. I need to complement a list of clients that I have to tap in a certain area. The program to load it is MapInfo, I need to know if Google earth gives me that information or if there is a converter that can give me the coordinates of a place, if only I have the address.
    I hope I made myself clear. And hope you can help me

    greetings and thanks

  43. It is normal for it to differ. The digital model of Google Earth is very simplified, and when converting it to AutoCAD between triangulation and tiling there are points that are made by averaging heights.

  44. I have a problem, when exporting an image and surface from google earth to autocad civil ed 2010, the elevations that I have between the surface in autocad and the elevation shown by the google earth differ. How do I solve this problem?
    thank you very much

  45. You definitely occupy at least two field points, so you can locate georeferencing your polygon.

    With the first UTM point you have where to move the point, with the second you rotate it because the directions of your plane are possibly related to a magnetic and non-geographic north.

    If that is for a formal job, your GPS will not be very useful because the radial precision at each point goes from 3 to 6 meters. Your polygon will be more or less in place, and with some rotation, but at least you can see it near where it is displayed in Google Earth.

    Google Earth images are not useful for georeferencing because they usually have displacement. So the measurement of your GPS is more reliable.

  46. Excuse me, I'll explain myself better, (for this I'm made of wood, the little I know is by trial and error). I have a map and I want to locate it with google earth. the data that is written on the plan has references like these, a reference is written on each line (I don't have the plans with me right now) that says for example: SW 55°43'24” with 1.245m, and so on on each one of the lines. My problem is that I have a vague idea of ​​where it is, but not exactly where the points of the polygon are. I want to locate it on google, because I know the area (there are about 2500 hectares). but I have no starting point, not even in the title.
    Can I accurately locate that surface on the map by having that data? Or just having a starting point?
    Can I do it lon lines on a route on google earth? to have exact references of the access roads?
    Can I determine the UTMs at the respective intersections of the courses?
    How can I do?

    Thank you very much already, and sorry for the lack of other information, but again I do not understand too much about the subject. I have a Garmin Vista GPS.

    Ciro Venialgo - Producer.

  47. Well, if they are bearings, then, put any point as an origin, and then place the form:

    Command line
    Click, at any point

  48. Good night:
    I would like to know if I can locate a polygon having only the data of the distances of the bearings, for example bearing NW 35° 25′ 33″ CO 1200 m….and so on with other data. The problem I find is that I don't have a starting or starting point and I generally believe that they are UTM or ° ' and ” but for example: N 65° 34' 27″.
    The references of the plane that I have are all with NO SW SE data or whatever .. thanks ..

  49. Pako:

    What program do you have?
    If what you have is AutoCAD, what you should do is:

    Line command


    Then write the first coordinate of the form xxxx, yyyy


    You write the following coordinate xxxx, yyyy


    And so you will build your polygon

  50. as I can, project a polygon, I have the utm coordinates but I can not project it, it asks for degrees and I only have the utm coordinates of the vertices, I hope you can help me

  51. Please, how do I download google Earth to have the UTM coordinates of my city ...

  52. I need to vote as a civilian box that indicates the coordinates of a polygon or alignment

  53. Hi, I am trying to use the excel macro epoint2ge but it tells me that beta is already overdue q must get another version from the page, now on the page the 2.0 version is not available

  54. Hello, I do not know if you could help me is that I'm doing a job and I have to place the sampling points on a map and with GPS I have coordinates in minutes, seconds .. Now how do I pass these coordinates to google earth or program me? you recommend

  55. Hi, maybe nothing to see my question here, but I hope you can help me. I need to know how I convert UTM coordinates in PSAD 56 to WGS84, since I have coordinates in the first Datum and I want to visualize them in Google earth that I understand uses the other datum.

    Thank you!

  56. The images I want to see separately by whom I see separately see 3 photos of three places in the world and their coordinates I can not see a poor image separated as a photo thanks to see if they help me I am student of topography of Arequipa Peru

  57. Good day.! I am student of the PFG Environmental Management of the Bolivarian University of Venezuela. Google earht is a good program to locate any site, but it needs updating, because of the changes and modifications that are happening on the planet. The images that appear are quite helpful but do not go with the present. This happens with Rivers that are undergoing severe changes. It's just a suggestion Thanks ..!

  58. well, I'm glad ... and welcome to the world of technical hunches


  59. Perform a test. Trimble terramodel brings coordinate system converter and convert from nad27 to nad 83 to have passed and I improve the location of the previous one that loads on this the herror is on one side of the 35mts boundary and on the other side of the 50mts boundary. I still can not find in my program how I accept the wgs84 geoid. If he brings it but will not let me select it.
    To summarized accounts I worked what you tell me thanks.

  60. In the company that I work we only have a total station, and when doing work sometimes the client gives us a topographic survey made with GPS and in this case the complete topographic information does not come, that is if it is nad27 or what to be able to review it. This is for personal study purposes and to understand what google. On the property in question are already placed control booths. only that they were lost we should know where they got those utm coordinates.
    The truth is that I will continue exploring the possibilities of google and other complement and this page I really love. I thank you for your prompt response. I will continue to participate.

  61. because the precise thing is your gps, the images of google usually have an imprecisioón that walks by the 30 meters or more.

    In your case that me prarece enough 200 meters, could be that they were raised with another datum, for example nad27 and those of google are wgs84

  62. Galvarezhn:
    greetings and thank you very much for the procedure, I was very interesting and managed to place a polygonal of a property, but there goes the question: how accurate is it, I came out with a phase shift of 200 mts to the south? Now I can manipulate the points in terramodel and move it so that it appears but I do not know what is happening? It will not be so precise the google, or the gps with which they carried out the survey is not so presiso?

    Thanks for guiding me, I'm getting full with the google and its utilities with the civil 3d.

    Thank you.


  64. Well, explaining one in short lines:
    This is done with the tool Excel2GoogleEarth

    1. You must have the coordinates, of course, which could be for example X = 667431.34 Y = 1774223.09
    2. You enter in an excel file, in separate columns (they can be several)
    3. Activate the program
    4. There you enter the area where these coordinates are, and the latitude (if it is north or south)
    5. in the button to the right of "data" you select the cells of the excel sheet where you have the coordinates
    6. You indicate the order, if they are first the x, then the and you would say easting, northing
    7 then you indicate where you want the kml file to be stored
    8. When you press the Acept pot, the file will be created.

    To see it from google earth, you make file, open and look for this kml file.



  66. Hi Richy This link Has a post dedicated to using a tool for it.

    If after seeing you have doubts let me know

    all the best


  68. Thanks again.

    I checked it, but apart from giving me information on the screen, I can not export it to occupy it in Cad or Excel, and quota information still can not be exported.

    I gratify you in any case the other tools that you have pointed out to me, since they will certainly be very useful to me at another time.

    I will continue to look for some other information out there too.

    What I do know is that the Civil Software 3D 2008 from Autodesk, allows you to obtain real level curves from a Google Earth image and model with them a surface of land to project on it.

  69. I explain. I trace any route on the surface of Google Earth. I save it as * .kml, but when transforming it with the indicated programs to obtain the path coordinates, these appear in Geographical Coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) and 0. What I need is to at least get the file with the dimensions shown on the screen by Google Earth when I move the pointer over the image.

    Thanks again

  70. to see if you explain to help you. The data that you have of the itinerary in which you have it? How do you have the dimensions? Is it on the Google Earth screen or did you get it in another way?


  71. Thanks, but the exported points are in geographic coordinates (Latitude, Longitude) and the dimension does not appear. Which is what I need most important.

    The same happens with Excel, where only flat points, with 0 dimension, appear.


  72. How can I download from Google Earth the coordinates of an itinerary that I followed on the screen?

  73. Hi Sarahí, I recommend you

    You can enter the utm data in excel, and then the program creates you a kml file.
    I warn you that it can give you problems if the security of macros in excel is high, for that you go to tools, options, security, security of macros, and put in the lowest one

    Then save the excel file, exit and re-enter


  74. Hola!

    I need to mark some coordinates in google earth to illustrate a work of sampling fauna… I have the coordinates but I don't know how to locate them exactly in google earth… the coordinates are in UTM… Could you tell me if a route can be marked by looking specifically for the UTM coordinates? ?…Thank you!!!!

    Bye !!!

  75. Hello Ernesto, the minimum requirement of google earth is Windows 2000, and connection is required (of at least 128 kbps), at least to install it and download data online.

    Without connection, very little use can be provided, since the most valuable thing is the information that it displays as you approach or move away ... and this can only be connected.


    You can download it from here:

  76. regards
    please tell me how to download or configure the google earth park I work without being connected to the internet and if there is a version for win98
    thanks in advance

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