Course of Global Mapper and 3 more than Civile offers

Civile is a company that offers various consulting and training services in partnership with other organizations in the sector, on topics such as engineering project development, territorial planning and the environment. In this case we highlight at least 4 courses that are about to start, all to be held in Seville:


  • This is a course Model of simulation of flow in saturated porous media.
  • Date: 13, 14 and 15 of February 2013.
  • Faculty: Enrique Oromendia de la Fuenta, Managing Director of and Facile Princeps, SL (Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports - Diploma in Hydrogeology).


  • Computer package whose basic objective is to simulate the transient flow in a hydraulic system under pressure.
  • Date: 11 and 12 of April 2013.
  • Teaching staff: Jorge García-Serra García (Industrial Engineer - Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the UPV) .Vicent B. Espert Alemany (Industrial Engineer - Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the UPV).


  • For hunting, a Technical Hunting Plan must be in place. Forest management is the planning of actions to be carried out on a mountain during a variable period, to reach the objectives of its owner and to meet the demands of society.
  • Date: 4 and 5 of March. 2013.
  • Teaching staff: Álvaro Trujillo Díez (Forestry Engineer - Technical Cabinet of the Andalusian Hunting Federation). Andrea Román Sánchez (Forestry Engineer - self-employed and former technician of the Inventory and Management Unit of the Environment and Water Agency.


  • Global Mapper is a Powerful application Which combines a full range of spatial data processing tools with access to an unprecedented array of data formats.
    Developed for both GIS and Startup professionals, this versatile software is also suitable as an independent GIS data management tool, or as an addition to an existing GIS.
  • Organization: Civile-Ceapro
  • Global-mapperFaculty of the course:
    Javier Valencia Martínez de Antoñana
    • Geodesy and Cartography Engineer
    • Technical Engineer in Topography
    • Member of the Working Group of the Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spain (IDEE).
    • Member of the Spanish Association of Engineers in Geodesy and Cartography
    • Member of the Official College of Technical Engineers in Surveying
  • Qualification: Accreditation certificate of the completion of the certificate course, being an indispensable requirement to obtain this certificate, attend 75% of the classes and present all the work designated by the tutor.
  • In-person sessions: 14 and 15 in March in the morning and afternoon with a total of 16 face-to-face hours (8 in each day). Schedule:
    09: 30 - 11 - 30 - Pause - 12: 00 - 14 - 30 - Pause - 16: 00 to 19: 30
  • Distance learning: A total of 48 hours distributed as follows: March 16, 18 to March 23 and 1 to April 5
    (In distance learning the student will be free to organize his work and in the corresponding time a teacher will be at your disposal to answer any questions that arise)
  • Capacity: minimum 12 - maximum 25 students.
  • Prices:
    - 420 euros Ordinary Registration
    - 370 euros Special price Collegiate
    - 320 euros University and Unemployed special prices
    (Including material, documentation and computer use)
    Bonus course through the Tripartite Foundation
    (Discounts will not apply to subsidized courses)
  • More info and inscriptions:
  • (7 March 2013 Entries)
  • Contacts:
    Antonio Pablo Romero Gandullo - Contact Phone: 652954657
    Forestry Engineer and Engineer of Roads, Channels and Ports

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