Virtual Course of Territorial Ordering


The Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEBEM) and the Center for Advanced University Studies of the Universidad Mayor de San Simón (CESU-UMSS) announce the 8va. Version of this introductory course on Territorial Planning, aimed at professionals from all areas and people interested in knowing, deepening, analyzing and exchanging criteria on the role of land use as a factor in the promotion of development.

The Territorial Organization has been for more than a decade, object of attention of researchers, institutions and governments, with what has gained positioning as an instrument of importance in the concert of possibilities of transformation of socioeconomic and political structures of the countries of America. Latin America, particularly in reference to the rural sector.


1 Drive: Origin and Importance of Land Management
2 Drive: Conceptual Elements of Territorial Planning
3 Drive: Case Study: Land Management in Bolivia


7 weeks including an introductory week for virtual campus management, starting 12 October 2009.

There is a limited number of scholarships.

Further information:

Consultas: Beatriz Herrera

Pre-registration open

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  1. I want to know the cost of the territorial ordering course.

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