How to create a Custom Map and Do not Die in the Intent?


The company Allware ltd has recently launched a Web Framework called eZhing (, with which you can in 4 steps have your own private map with indicators and IoT (Sensors, IBeacons, Alamas, etc) all in real time.


1.- Create your Layout (Zones, Objects, Figures) layout -> Save,

2.- Name the objects propierties -> Save,

3.- Expose your creation in a Geographic Map publish -> Save -> preview,

4.- If you want to give life to your objects you can do it by REST with a simple curl.

ej : curl -d ‘{«labels»:[«2013″,»2014″],»series»:{«serie1″:[1.794,4.765],»serie2»:[0,0]}}’ «»

Ready!! You have already created your first active map without being GIS expert.

Allware maps

The eZhing Team friends ( will be available to help you at no cost. #Custom #Map #Gauge #IoT # Real-Time # Online #free

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  1. Hello dear participants of this blog. This is a tool with high potential for the solid development team of a company well known in the industrial sector. Allware.

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