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Migrating a 10 Geospatial Platform Years Later - Microstation Geographics - Oracle Spatial

Private free software

This is a common challenge for many Cadastral or Cartography projects, which at the time 2000-2010 integrated Microstation Geographics as a spatial data engine, considering reasons such as the following: Arc-node management was and continues to be extremely practical for cadastral projects . The DGN is an attractive alternative, considering its version in the same file, ...

Transforming spatial data Online!

MyGeodata is an amazing online service with which it is possible to transform geospatial data, with different CAD, GIS and Raster formats, to different projection and reference system. To do this, just upload the file, or indicate a URL where it is stored. The files can be uploaded one by one, or ...

Spatial Manager: Manage spatial data efficiently even from AutoCAD

Spatial manager cad

Spatial Manager is an application for spatial data management, which works independently. It also has a plugin that gives geospatial capabilities to AutoCAD.

How to open, label, and thematize a .shp file with Microstation V8i

In this article we will see how to open, thematize and label a shp file using Microstation V8i, the same works with Bentley Map. Although they are archaic files of 16 bits, old as some - many - of my gray hair, it is inevitable that they continue to be used in our geospatial context. It is clear that these criteria are applicable to linked vector objects ...

8.5 Microstation Issues in Windows 7

Microstation windows 7

Those who hope to use Microstation 8.5 nowadays must resort to Windows XP on virtual machines for incompatibilities with Windows 7, much worse on 64 bits. They mention the problem with the text editor, which I mentioned earlier as a solution and also refer to the image manager and the ODBC connection. Let's see how they are resolved ...

Free online converter for GIS - CAD and Raster data

Cad converter

MyGeodata Converter is a service on the Internet that facilitates the conversion of data between different formats. For now the service recognizes 22 input vector formats: ESRI Shapefile Arc / Info Binary Coverage Arc / Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (7 Version) MapInfo File Comma Separated Value (.csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON UK .NTF SDTS US Census ...