End of the World 2012 What if the Maya were right?

I have a friend with whom it is pleasant to elucubrate about the real conspiracies of our politicians on duty and imaginary of the superstition of our peoples.

One of these is the fact that the Maya predicted in their long account cycle, that after 5,125 years the world would end, dated to the December 21 of 2012 and that over time the people of the New Era and Gnostics have given a Delicious context for an afternoon of leisure. In this regard, I loved on my last trip to Guatemala a creative banner at the airport that said: “2012 is not a date. It is a place", With which tourism has turned a blind eye to the benefit of the local economy and culture.


So, here my 4 positions regarding the end of the world of the Maya:

1 First, my respect for this culture that when the best scientific research developments in Europe discussed whether the earth was round, they could define a smoky calendar, a solstice so special that it coincides with the point when the solar system passes on the other side of the milky way.

Unlike the calendrical wheel of 52 years still used today among the Mayans, the long count was linear, almost cyclical, and calculated the time in 20 units: 20 days ago uinal, 18 uinales (360 days) make a do, 20 tunes make a k'atun, and 20 katunes (144 000 days) make about a b'ak'tun. That way, the Mayan date of represents 8 baktunes, 3 katunes, 2 tunes, 10 uinales and 15 days.

I can't think of an idea how they came to that, with a stellar observation, without current evidence of telescopes or devices that could help them record positions with such precision. And after seeing many subliminal inscriptions and temples whose stones seem to have been cut with laser beams and placed with high precision cranes. As a contextual descendant of them, I feel proud of their legacy, although time has shown that if they do an anthropological study they will find that their custom of building a city on the previous one, our politicians carry it in the DNA and therefore destroy the good ideas every 4 years of government, replacing them with others of lower quality and which more pulled hair.

And that with all the scientific capacity, to predict distant dates; either they left in a spaceship or could not predict that destroying the ecology would be the collapse of their civilization. What it seems they did predict because in a few years it could happen to the entire planet; something that nobody would miss and why nobody is doing anything.

If there is something interesting in this, it is that the veil of mystery of this and other civilizations convince us that there is much that other people knew before, and that with time we have hardly learned to rediscover or reinvent.

2 Second, half of these things are the product of imagination.

If we could go 2,500 years before Christ to Copán, we met with Marcel Pérez's grandfather and asked him what the 21 / 12 / 2012 meant for them, he might say: “Look m'ijo, right now I'm very busy trying to investigate dates related to the rain, because if I do not we starve"

This is not new, there were always predictions of the end of the world. The apocalyptic context has recently been integrated to this Mayan date, which also appears in other contexts with similar coincidence. As before it was for 1999, nothing happened; when the Y2K the only thing that left me in regret was that SAICIC 3.1 for DOS could no longer execute the input explosion. But nothing catastrophic happened.

But I must admit that it is extremely funny, the human likes these pods. I loved the movie “Knowing”, I was entertained by the photonic belt and to know that a generation identified that the solar system had a planet called Hercobulus, whose orbit is in another plane but that on this date it should be passed… and although we should already have seen with our super telescopes, it will give the planet to the mother in less than 12 days. Smile

3 Third, let's enjoy life.

This 20, I have one of the last meetings when I will be with all my field team. The next one I will not be able to have them all and once again I will tell you that the Spanish crisis has us somewhat cut. But again I will thank you for converting your good intentions into technical skills with which you have brought development to more than 50 municipalities ... be it with a tape measure, with a cadastral record, a calculator or a robotic total station.

Then I will go to enjoy the vacation with my children, I will lie down on the grass and when they throw themselves on me I will remember that:

... life is enjoyed at the moment, there is no time to guess if the Maya were right ... and if they had it, without Internet, without satellites, without electricity, without Twitter or Geofumadas ... there will be no way to communicate it.

See you around 22, when I hope to launch my technological predictions for 2012 and the goals I have for my children in a year that surely will be much better.

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