ESRI launches a specific edition to make GIS more accessible to university students

Esri spainEsri offers students ArcGIS for Students, A special edition that has the latest developments and advances in geographic analysis technology and is aimed at university students.

The continued use of Esri technology in universities and the special needs and conditions of students has made Esri available to themArcGIS for Students, A special tool that allows you to easily develop projects, class work and research with maps, data and geographic information. This solution facilitates the possibility of sharing the work with other users without need of development and make use of the existing information installing the tool in any equipment.

"ArcGIS for Students is an advance in the student's relationship with the GIS and their studies, subjects, etc. With ArcGIS for Students The students will no longer have to depend on the University teams, but they will be able to work from their own team. It's a great opportunity for all college students working with GIS, as they will have much easier access to this technology, "he said.

Says Pedro Rico, head of Education at Esri Spain.

Any student enrolled in a University may obtain an annual ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced, with all its extensions at a very low price. In addition, it will have complementary information and materials, as well as free seminars to optimize the use of the tool.

Continuing education for ArcGis for Students

Aware of the need for students to be competitively trained in geographic information analysis, Esri provides students with multiple support materials to obtain continuous training about ArcGIS: Resource Center, forums, ArcGIS Ideas, Videos, etc.

In order to facilitate the access and use of students to their tools, Esri organizes a Seminar Cycle annual, totally free days where the main novelties of ArcGIS are presented in current matters such as cloud GIS or mobile application development. Also, Online seminars, Organized by Esri, are also available to all students free of charge and on a monthly basis.

More about ArcGIS technology

ArcGIS is a complete information system that allows you to create, analyze, store and disseminate data, models, maps and balloons in 3D, making them available to all users according to their needs. As an information system, ArcGIS is accessible from desktop clients, web browsers, and mobile terminals that connect to departmental servers, corporate or cloud computing architectures (Cloud Computing). For developers, ArcGIS provides tools that will allow them to create their own applications.

In addition, thanks to ArcGIS online, A complete SaaS solution, allows you to create intelligent maps for free and share them with other GIS users around the world based on cloud technology.

GIS training for all

Esri Spain offers seminars and training courses aimed at entrepreneurs, customers, partners, users and non-users Esri. This training aims to provide the general public and companies with all the necessary knowledge on Geographic Information Systems, as well as new updates and initiation in the architecture of the GIS in the cloud, so that they know first hand the advantages of this tool .

For more information about the Free GIS Training Program 2012 e Inscriptions can be consulted the web page

About Esri Spain

Esri Spain Has as its mission to contribute to the development of organizations, providing quality and innovative products and services, in order to help them make better decisions. Esri has the experience and resources to meet the needs of clients in sectors such as Administration, Education, Natural Resources, Telecommunications, Public Services, Defense, Geomarketing, Utilities and Transportation.

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