Adjust data based on a more accurate survey

This is an example of a common problem, which is now happening to me. Adjust rubbers heet I have a survey done previously with a less precise method, possibly with GPS, tape and compass. The fact is that when mounting the total station we realize that the information occupies a deformation.

The point is that if you only take the measure of the external vertices, the adjustment to the internal is crazy.

Let's see how to do it with AutoCAD Civil 3D:

Simple, select Map> tools> rubber sheet

Then, the program requests that the points to be moved and the control points be indicated. The order is first the point that we know is bad (Base point), Then the point where it should move (Reference point).

When they have all been indicated, it is done enter. Then the program requests the objects that we hope to adjust, all the boundaries of the properties are selected and the Enter is repeated.

Here in this part is where I miss Microstation, because there I could turn off or turn on levels without having to stop the active command. Adjust rubbers heet Here it is not possible, the levels that I do not want to select in window should be off.

And there you have it: The more checkpoints, the better. And of course, there must be nodes in the vertices, so that topological cleanliness is maintained.

It is clear, that for a massive work it is not recommended to do it in one fell swoop, but to do it by apple. See as the bottom of the 4 and 5, for not having taken that vertex, the point did not move, which implies that you should go to take or manually modify the lines in case there is no such break.

Adjust rubbers heet

The tool looks very practical, much more than Microstation does from Tools> warp coordinates.

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  1. Hello people.
    In which part of the civil 2013 is the command mentioned above ??
    Map> tools> rubber sheet
    I look for it in the Planning and Analysis space ... but I can not find it
    thanks for replying

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