Latin American Geospatial Forum

Latin American geospatial forum The date of an event that was announced a few months ago and to which we are betting significant achievements is already very close. We refer to the first Latin America Geospatial Forum, to be held in Brazil under the theme "Bringing Global Perspectives to Local Actions".

A great sign of what we all expect from this country as an emerging power with whom we share a similar context. Although we differ idiomatically, we are aware that the global position that Brazil is taking in its take-off turns it into a pole of development with an almost immediate impact on the Latin American sector, and this fair event obeys a forced need of Brazil to make visible its increase.

Geospatial latinamerica forum

The event seeks to make visible the efforts that each of us make in our environments, be they academic focus, public application or private context but as joint actions should be contributing to the global challenges of our legacy to future generations.

Geospatial latinamerica forum

We hope that as a result of this event, we can see beyond the contextual initiatives of the Hispanic creativity, the general state of the geospatial theme as a dynamic that has ceased to be seen as painted maps and is gradually being adopted as an instrument for the decision making. It is also expected that the confluence of different sectors of the continent will help to enhance the sustainability of the environment from which we all benefit, both the suppliers of tools such as product manufacturers, service providers and institutions linked to academia and government.

The event will take place in Rio de Janeiro, from the 17 to the 19 of August of 2011, we suppose and expect it to be maintained on an annual basis, as well as a growing participation in organizational aspects. The event is being promoted by GIS Development, organization that publishes GeoIntelligence and Geospatial World and that almost leads 10 events like this one in different regions of the world, in accompaniment in this case of the Brazilian Institutes of Geography / Statistic and Pereira Passos.

Geospatial latinamerica forumAdditionally companies are supporting the event as sponsors, among them AutoDesk, Bentley, Trimble, Digital Globe, Hexagon, among others.

As expected, the forum includes a series of seminars, plenaries, symposiums, technical sessions and exhibition spaces. The website presents some of the exhibitors and participants of the different spaces of the event that includes people with significant participation from both countries of the Americas and Europe.

The final agenda we have not seen, but it leaves us the intrigue of the role that will play OpenSource initiatives that have a lot to say. If it is an event without bias and with openness between private public participation, we will surely see experiences with mixtures worthy of appreciation. Also if it is considered that organizations like gita, OGC y CP-IDEA.

We are also aware that as a first exercise, you will set guidelines born from the presentations, suggestions and trends that are reflected after the event. As a result of a readaptation, we will surely see the need for greater diffusion in the Hispanic sector, prevention of possible biases to different business models and of course a Spanish version considering that it is the native language of a large portion of the target audience .

Awards for geospatial excellence

Additionally, the event includes the awarding of the best initiatives in innovation, readjustment or implementation of technologies in the geospatial area with greater significance in Latin America. Although there are no categories or assessment criteria for now, we can assume that we will see very valuable proposals in areas such as Agriculture, Business Intelligence, Transport, Mining, Energy, Government, IDEs, Natural Resources and Territorial Planning.

For now, you can nominate this link. We suggest that all companies and government institutions propose their efforts, since their systematization and dissemination guarantee the sustainability of the geospatial business model in our context that we are sure has much to show the world.

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