Profiles from my ArcGIS course

I told you before that I would develop A training in the use of ArcGIS 9.3, with a huge average distance, my little time and the occupations of the students. Now I leave some conclusions:

About the methodology:

I wish everything was so simple. If it were to give a training, teach with an example brought from Venezuela and ready; But if the process needs to be implemented, people must work.

About the conditions:

  • It is difficult to implement a project with people who adding their daily activities do not have enough time yet to meet those.
  • It may not be the case, but it may be more difficult to teach people who are not keen to learn.
  • Interesting, no more comments.

About the software:

Definitely, Manifold is a great software to implement in an easy way. Now I miss it, in a day of two days you can have a working system, without much return.

Here are some brief comparisons:



Buy it if you can, if you can not, do what you want and do not get me in your problems U $ 300 dollars and do not think illegalities
Form a Geodatabase ... mmm, ArcCatalog, for some advanced users, from the creation of a new featureclass to the application of a domain. The .map is a geodatabase, make folders, create drawings, apply styles, work!
Bring CAD data, a whole science between switching from polygons to featureclass Bring them to a new drawing, select them, copy + paste to the layer, and go
Topological cleaning ... after struggling for a while, it's better to do it in the DGN first. Apply business tools, and have fun (if you can)
Make a union of polygons in another layer ... oh my God! Select them, copy + paste in the other layer, apply union to selection, and that's it.
A layer that has lines and points. That's not allowed. Do it simply. What is not used ?, because it happens when a geometry is a polygon and its definition is not counted ... it is put as a point.
Join an Excel table ... we will be toroos! Link the table, choose the sheet, the column that associates, and go!
Working with the kml ... if it is not one, it is something else. Anything else?
Send to the web ... another pisto, another course File> save as> web page ...

The bad: If to these creatures the mayor fires them in a start of anger, where they could find users who know Manifold?

But there we go, happy days, bad-tempered days. My children enjoying the trip for almost three hours over three weekends. Just a technical stop to tie the zope.



And for the rest ... looking for Be free again.

3 Replies to "Gages of my ArcGIS course"

  1. Hi Luis
    In fact, the taste is in the eyes. And if you are accustomed to one software, you feel the other as impractical.

    Translate Google, once again saves life

  2. Interesting comparison

    Eu vejo or contrário do escreveu. ArcGIS would be perfect for this training. (WEB não aplicável)

    More like saying it over there. Or melhor software that you know more. 😀

    Good week.

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