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With this article we welcome the new face that has the official site of CivilCAD, Great work from friends of ARQCOM on the eve of 15 meet years with more than 20,000 users in Latin America. Civilcad cross sections autocad

In his new section «Tutorials» have been including interesting works with a logical step by step. In this case I want to show the example of generation of cross sections along a central axis using CivilCAD.

This tutorial is built in four stages:

1. Construction of digital terrain model. View tutorial

Initially, an introduction to the format of the points is done, because in this case, a piece of land is worked with information in the following format:

Point number, X coordinate, Y coordinate, elevation, detail

1 367118.1718 1655897.899 293.47

2 367109.1458 1655903.146 291.81

3 367100.213 1655908.782 294.19

4 367087.469 1655898.508 295.85 CERCO

5 367077.6998 1655900.653 296.2 CERCO

After the import of points, the triangulation is explained for the generation of the digital model.

Finally the construction of contour lines is explained, indicating at each step the layer where the data are being stored.

Also included are the base files so that the user can develop it step by step:

  • Where the points are contained
  • Transverse Sections (.dwg) which is the final drawing
  • Section geometry data (.sec) that contains the section configuration file

Civilcad cross sections autocad

2. Generation of stations along the axis of the road. View tutorial

At this stage a profile axis is built, to which stations are generated each 10 meters.

The didactics of the tutorial maintains a similar logic, so that the user can try on his own, as an example:

For this, we do: CivilCAD > Altimetry> Project Axis> Mark stations

The system asks us to select the axis, we touch it near where the stroke begins, we do enter To validate that we agree with the nomenclature 0 + 00.

Then the system asks us the lengths of the section to the right and left. We will use this example25.00 For both sides.

Then the system asks us how we will select the stations:

  • Interval, Means at a uniform distance, for example at each 20 meter.
  • Distance, Means at a certain distance from the origin, such as 35.25 meters.
  • Station, In case we hope to enter it in the format of stations, as 0 + 35.20
  • Sweaters, Jerseys and Cardigans, This is if we want to indicate it with the pointer on the line
  • End, To finish the routine.

In this case, we will use the first parameter, (Interval) so we write the letter I, And then we doEnter.

Civilcad cross sections autocad

At the end of this stage the cross sections of the natural terrain are constructed.

3. Vertical design construction View tutorial

Already at this stage, the design, indicating the vertical curves and labeling the points of interest of the curve (PCV, PIV, PTV), is plotted on the profile that was constructed in the previous section. Also the earrings.

Civilcad cross sections autocad

4. Typical section design. View tutorial

As the last step, the tutorial shows the construction of the typical section on the gradient.

As it works with CivilCAD, the underlying layer, folder and slopes are built. The poem is similar ...

Back to the original panel, we are almost ready to draw the cross-sections.

The lower buttons allow you to configure some additional options such as:

  • Ditch. It is possible to define if we want the gutter only to be considered at the ends where there is a cut and not where there is an embankment (filling slope). We can also choose not to consider gutter at any end, as well as dimensions.
  • Scales. Here the relationship of vertical and horizontal scales for the drawing in each section is defined.
  • Options. Here are more alternatives between the horizontal, vertical grid and other calculations that are outside this tutorial.

Before we do, we can visualize how they will look. This is done with the button Check. Here you can see each station with its drawing, elevations in the central axis, cutting and embankment. With the button OK We returned to the main panel.

And with this the sections are developed along the profile.

Civilcad cross sections autocad

We congratulate the effort of ARQCOM, because surely these tutorials will improve the user experience in the use of their tools that run even on AutoCAD 2013, Bricscad V12 PRO and in a few days on ZWCAD that are economic alternatives to AutoCAD.

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  1. and if I wanted to do the same thing but with cross sections that do not have the same crown width, they could be variable

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