Genius and Ingenio

- Who changes new lamps for old ones? He was shouting.

The princess on the balcony offered the old Aladdin's lamp to the old man.

The story is so well known that hardly anyone does not bring to mind a blue character floating at the end of the lamp, with a servile gesture to offer whimsical requests to anyone who possessed the device and without any effort in return. A stroke of luck led Aladdin to have what he wanted, considering as representative elements of success: money, food, a girl, the ability to get out of complex problems and the cliché of being happy forever.


In practice, happiness is a decision (not a condition) that does not necessarily have to do with the things that Aladdin acquired. Although unhappiness is a condition - And very common in the world- in most cases because they have not met requirements from the same list.

We are therefore aware that there is no genius of the lamp, but many Aladdin with a trinket in his hand looking for a chance. Except for those who spend their money on lottery tickets, what we have is an attitude towards life, which, complemented by born gifts and acquired skills, make us succeed.

wit This is often called ingenio, synonymous with creativity and paradoxically resembles the word genius, although it has nothing to do with these mythological goblins or the creatures of the 15 chapter of the Koran. Ingenuity has to do with the skills that Aladdin would have had to use had he not encountered genius. Among these we can mention:

The inventive.

Richard Stallman he was in trouble when he released a comment, saying that the best thing for the students of Harvard was to do a first year and then retire to create their own businesses, total had already demonstrated their capacity to have been admitted. But Stallman did not mean to say that university studies are unnecessary, perhaps his intention was to show that this world requires that highly inventive people should not hide behind a desk in a world that has its days numbered unless ideas are developed outside of it. the conventionalwit

Often our intentions to change the way of doing things clash with advisors who for twenty-five years have done things in the same way. Locked up in a small context, they think the ideas of new generations crazy, forgetting that the best inventive contributions often came from people who were not experts in the subject, who tolerant of ambiguity apparently aimed at the absurd.

The experience.

We tend to forget that our second salary is the knowledge we are acquiring in our current job, so we are refusing to collect it as it should be. Even sometimes you have to tolerate a complicated boss for what the post, stability or institution will represent later in our curriculum.

The accumulated knowledge of raising a child, growing a family business, serving others in a church or volunteering brings results sooner or later. Recognized or not by all as a synonym of success, well earned experience is a determining factor in human survival.

wit The discipline. No idea will succeed without systematic insistence on finishing the things that start. It is necessary to continue gaps followed by others as shortcuts, but before the diversity of situations it will be necessary to tenaciously try one, another and again until the solution to the problems is found.

To think that Aladdin could have gone ahead with a lamp that did not have a genius inside, seems a difficult task. And that is precisely why ingenuity requires a great effort to make a sketch of a paper napkin effective; but most of the things we now use were the product of the internal questioning of someone who thought of new ways of doing things and discipline to find final results.

In conclusion, regardless of the resources we have or our intellectual capacity, a positive attitude towards life is required. We do not necessarily have to hide in a laboratory to find a new bulb or practical applications to Tesla's theories; but it is necessary to make the imagination go out to find new ways to get ahead, maintain better relations with our relatives and with ourselves.

What you are doing could be improved with a pinch of more creativity?

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