Geofumadas ... 2 wikileaks before 2011 ends

Only three days before 2011 is finished, I have been authorized to communicate at least these two new features that will change our lives in 2012:

1 Microsoft buys Bentley Systems.

As it is heard, Microsoft has reached the final agreement to acquire the Bentley Systems core reached in the Bentley Infrastructure 500; the figure is not yet known, but it reminds us of the reason why the interoperability pact with AutoDesk more than a year ago. Why the Ribbon Office style and quite similar to V8i, why now the Dgn-imodel se Can read in Outlook, Windows7 and Excel, a big decision of the Bentley brothers instead of putting the company to the stock market.

Microsoft buy bentley

2. G! ToolsConnect is born.

We hope before the end of the year to launch our first version of G! Tools Connect, an application developed on the Google Earth API that allows, among other things:

  • With Google Earth open, load the AutoCAD toolbar. For this, you only have to have an active license of AutoCAD, which can be educational and even trial, the installer runs and that raises all the dll of the UI with the option of layers, snaps and command line from Google Earth.

AutoCAD within Google Earth!

  • What is achieved with this, is that the snaps functionality that Google Earth already has (what happens is that there are no buttons to activate it), take advantage of the potential of the AutoCAD snap and since it only works with vectors, the image only makes emulating background emulating Google both environments. With the case of the layers, it is just an ActiveX that recognizes the boolean option of the layer in AutoCAD. The geometric data stored in the kml is converted into xml annotations within the dwg, the rest is as block attributes.
  • Having AutoCAD open, copied the files Earthps.dll, npgeplugin.dll and a couple of lines in PCOptimizations.ini can raise Google Earth as a layer, dynamically, as an inserted or asynchronous image. Similar to What PlexEarth does, but without using an external application but with Google Earth running runtime Just like KloiGoogle.
  • The version with Google Earth DirectX will not occupy anything more than to have installed both programs. The OpenGL can do it from a browser, only that it will require more resources or at least a graphic card (It means that it does not run on netbooks of 300 dollars)

Autocad on google earth

  • It could in this way, in DirectX mode download a whole city with high resolution, because replacing the npgeinprocessplugin.dll with the one that uses Google Earth Pro would make it come with higher resolution, and would be cached to work as Google does Earth Portable. It is curious, that this same .dll emulates the .arx of AutoCAD that loads the raster, which would allow AutoCAD to stick to wms without having Civil3D or AutoCAD Map.
  • Best of all, the tool is free.

Both the terms of the Bentley agreement with Microsoft and the download version of G! ToolsConnect Can be downloaded from this link.

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  1. Sorry It was April Fools' Day ...

    Microsoft has not bought Bentley Systems.

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