Geofumadas, 2011 Legacy

The year is almost over, all I want is to lie down in a hammock, sleep three days in a row, and recover the cumbersome sleeplessness; Get up just to take the sea soup that my mother-in-law does, the donuts in honey and the turkey left over for good night ... ugh! Just a couple more days.

Internet geofumadas statisticsAs every year, the arrival is usually exasperating because fatigue is exponentially predisposed. 14 technicians this year have shown me tenacity, a pity that I have to decimate it in 2011, and I have serious problems to choose from them just 6; although insurance for the most part they are ready to take new directions on their own. I have learned a lot from them, and they from me even though it is another stanza with the same chorus:

Would you steal a computer? Then do not do piracy because it is also stealing.

As for technologies, the year has gone with attractive topics such as CivilCAD, Civil3D, Woopra, iPad, Plex.Earth, GIS Kit ... there will be time from the hammock to revise with more tino prediction Which were met and what we could expect from 2012.

But going back to the legacy of 2011, as a family, many changes, the baby continues with her childhood dreams and for the first time she will have her own blog, while the boy learned so many things that I already lost control: Won the Natural Sciences Contest, unlocked the Wii to use burned discs, in the absence of external CD driver of the netbook learned to burn ISO images with Alcohol 120, learned how to become famous in Taringa and Emudigital ... in short, another crazy.

The boy2

Ja, I like this photo, 12 years have changed to this guy really ...

And as for Geofumadas, the first year of the migration to is completed from the previous subdomain in Cartesianos. The graphic shows the previous site, in brown color from 2008 to 2010.

Internet geofumadas statistics

  • Year 2008. Geofumadas did not start in that month of January, it had six months before that it did not reflect it because it loses the relative of the comparison, but in that preamble the statistics hardly took from zero visits to 7,500 monthly. It was significant that year a wiggle of the article «How to kill a beach». A total of 183,000 visits and 442,000 page views in 2008.
  • Year 2009, The total number of visits per year came to 330,000 and 850,000 page views.
  • Year 2010, it remained similar, with the difference that at the end of the year the fall was noticeable since the migration to the new domain was in process. In total 316,000 visits and 615,000 page views. On the last day of December that site was closed, and only a re-address was left for visits that arrived directly.

This year 2011, started practically from scratch, new indexed from Google, new feed, new link building. As you can see, until March the traffic was less than the 2010 year in the subdomain. From then on it started an interesting growth, in May it managed to overcome the higher previous traffic that were 33,000 monthly visitors (not counting the wiggle) and after August to date it has gone up much better than the 40,000 monthly visitors. Much of this is due to Google's changes in the algorithm that should not cause us fear if we have not made viral traps, although in the migration and first 4 months I counted on the support of inforSEO that did an impeccable job.

The year will possibly close with 330,000 visits, similar to 2009 in Cartesians.

Also this year I started the translated version (, that with the support of Nancy, the Peruvian translator already reaches almost half of the content. It has been a complicated year for the health of this brave lady, apart from how difficult it is to understand some sentences from my context, ordinary readers ignore and continue reading; thing that she can not do.

Another challenge this year 2011 was entering for the first time to social networks, already using as a site, and not a personal user as I had tried before.

As a result:

  • Twitter reached almost 1,000 followers. Very effective if you have content to offer, but very little useful for social purposes.
  • Facebook almost reaches 10,000 fans, although here the context is different because the "I like" button is more misleading but on idle nights you find good friendships.
  • LinkedIn works the other way, and is more a space to establish meaningful professional contacts.

It was worth it?

Well, yes, it has been valid. Although the change has involved fighting issues that previously belonged to Tomás (Cartesia administrator), are issues that we discussed before leaving that subdomain, then migrating Cartesians to a newer version of WordPress was somewhat complex. But you learn a lot in this, with an own hosting is easier to control the appearance, the order of the content, they even know new ways to complicate life in SEO.

2011 has left me new friends, new contacts, new dreams, I'm just thinking now ...

What if it was worth it?

To lie in the grass of a park, with the borrowed dog, with the mobile disconnected, with the girl who lights my eyes smiling with my left eyebrow ... and that the boys throw themselves on me and force me to make the step of the camel ...

Yes, 2011 has been worth it.

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