Geofumadas: 3 interesting themes for this year

Some issues that draw attention to our context are on the way, I take a busy week to suggest readings between lines and dates that should be scheduled.

1. Currently: Survey in the geospatial sector

From we propose that we fill out a questionnaire regarding our occupational condition. In this it is necessary to always collaborate, because besides being data that are used in a confidential and anonymous way, they allow the companies to value the socioeconomic context and to adjust prices of products and services to a reality.

In general, in our Hispanic environment it is always required to lower prices compared to what is offered to the Anglo-Saxon market. For that reason, I suggest supporting the initiative. If you are interested in knowing the statistical results of the survey, you can add your email, although it is optional.

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Fill out the survey

2. Close to: The Geospatial World Forum

globaloutreachFrom 23 to 27 of April will be held in Amsterdam, a new edition of the World Geospatial Forum, promoted by Geospatial Media and this time focused on the theme: The Geospatial Industry and the World Economy.

This event is attended by most companies and institutions that contribute to the evolution of the geospatial industry, whether in product development, service delivery or regulatory management. While the event has a greater influx of European context, the graph based on 2,500 registered attendees of recent forums shows how this event has a global reach.

  • Asia Pacific 300
  • Middle East 200
  • Africa 100
  • Latin America 100
  • Europe 1500
  • North America 300

3. Later: The Ibero-American Congress of Geomatics and Earth Sciences.


From 16 to 19 October 2012 will be held in Madrid the X Topcart, which is promoting the Official College of Technical Engineers in Topography of Spain. The objective is always to make known the scientific and technical advances in Topography, Cartography and other related sciences in the 10 different areas:

  • 1 AREA: Geodetic and Cartographic Reference Systems.
  • 2 AREA: Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing.
    Patrimonial Documentation.
  • 3 AREA: Topographic, Nautical and Thematic Cartography.
  • 4 AREA: Geographic Information Systems.
    Spatial Data Infrastructures.
  • 5 AREA: Geomatics in Civil Engineering,
    Mining and Architecture.
  • 6 AREA: Land Management, Urban Planning
    and Environment.
  • 7 AREA: Cadastre and Property.
  • 8 AREA: Geophysical Surveys.
    Seismology and Vulcanology.
  • 9 AREA: Development and Innovation. Open Systems.
  • 10 AREA: Society, Future and Training.

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