3.0 Geophysics: SEO Decisions

2011 means an important step in Geofumadas, after 3 years of coming working as a subdomain of Cartesians. We have spoken with Tomás, to whom I thank him for the opportunity and with whom I hope to maintain an important contact in this and other situations that we have found.


Cartesians, in spite of the damage they had at the time due to viral spam, has been a valuable contribution by Tomás, although after several years only Txus and I have insisted in an itinerant way. But that's the way things are, after being under the limitations of WordPress MU, which no longer exists as such but as a generic extension called Multisites. Some template adjustments have been made on the fly, but it involves time that is sometimes not available and some are no longer simple adjustments.

After optimization ideas for search engines (SEO) turn up, issues that must be addressed and include decisions that can limit growth appear. Between these:

  • Use plugins for optimization. Until now I had not taken advantage of tags and metatags; do it when you have 900 entries is crazy unless you use plugins that facilitate this type of routines. Most of these plugins do not have support for the current version, adapting them takes time.
  • Massive adjustments The so-called trends are variables in time, for example AutoCAD 2012 now is not a topic of interest, but in 3 months it will be and make an update of this type to that label without a plugin or script in the database ... The saint protects us.
  • Adjust the tracking robots, which are usually in the root directory. Not only is it a click, there are plugins that do it but after testing I see that there are dynamic things that Google and Yahoo do not understand.
  • Friendly URLs, with which a subdomain is penalized by search engines. More with the name that leads the blog that in itself is not friendly.
  • The validation W3C is now simpler, because in a simple click is the list of errors. The problem is that some errors are of the style, so you have to touch the css directly and in some cases in the template.
  • I wish the template adjustments were once, the most complicated is to put scripts that a few days later have to be removed because they penalize the ranking.
  • Social networks. I do not believe in all of them, but at least I know that not integrating to Facebook in a controlled way will hurt in 2012. "If the Mayas do not beat him this time."
  • Linkbuilding Another roll…
  • Anchor text. Go, how many things you have to learn.

So yes, among the plans in the coming days will be the migration to the domain Home That some time ago comes walking but without optimization so that Google does not realize that it is a replica quasi-exact.

Apart from that, Nancy has finally finished two years of tickets in English. It has cost me a world to understand my caliche, and for a while we were about to announce it in a version vulgar. That will be another domain, with which I hope to reach a more complex market and which I did not dare to reach without having a spam filtering tool in comments. Askismet does a lot of work on that, but having it in Spanish has shown me that Anglo-Saxon spam requires seeing with more than one eye.

How hard to say this ... but that's the way it is. In a few days they will get used to the redirect and new skin, theme that has brought me something entertaining part of the holiday and these days of January. The important thing, Geofumadas continues, Name that owes a lot to Cartesians, Cartesia and all its community.

Yes, many plans for this year.

3 Replies to "3.0 Geofumadas: SEO Decisions"

  1. Congratulations g! For the change, without doubt a hosting and own domain gives you many advantages and allows to continue growing.


  2. Hehe.

    I believe that you are the only person who had the opportunity to read, reread, interpret and understand each of my publications.

    My regards my friend.
    If you occupy a translator who dominates the technical issue and sows in the folk context until you understand what a technological poet was trying to say ... Let me know.


  3. And say it, dear Don G! Because, from what comes to mind at the moment, among the topolillos, the chiripiorca, sleeping in the zacatera, the chirrio, chingastoso and palo as well as those excellent examples of Central American food such as: nacatamales, the seafood soup , the pupusa, the pita, and soft drinks like pozol, can definitely say that:…. On the scale of 1 to 10 I will still be at 4 in terms of knowledge…. 🙁
    Maybe someday write the avatars of this unique and unique experience that translates Geofumadas!

    And what about learning to know a new world that includes hearing Def Leppard and finding out what the legend of Chillica is about, for example. Good, another thing, friend, something else.
    Greetings from Peru

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