Geofumadas on the fly, January 2009

Gentlemen, these days are about running; Between completing the operational plan for this year, liquidating balances of qzUe passed and socialize with mayors the scope of what implies the agreement of cadastral values ​​in a political year ... ugh!

Enlisting to replicate the course of Total station; By the way, when I see in the report photos like this I understand why many almost cried because I left them outside the previous day.

For now, here are some interesting links for those who like good readings and high level geofumadas.

Good Smoking

Stereowebmap, Apparently stereoscopic vision on the web; Very interesting, I am still craneando as they have achieved.

Geo without entanglements, Guide in Spanish of PostgreSQL, PostGIS, MapServer, PHPMapScript written by Andrés Herrera. Incidentally add to your reader this blog, a lot of interesting content.

View Forum Posts, an initiative by Oscar Arostegui. We hope to grow and not get so many gray to be from the side of moderator ... which involves a lot of patience with all kinds of users.

Ten Predictions for 2009, Interesting topic of what we could expect this year in geospatial matter.

Guatemala is innovating, having the First public park With free wireless internet; You only have to think about security because for a thief is the perfect place to get technological toys.

What happens in the forums

  • Gabriel Ortiz Reactivate File sharing option
  • Cartesia Forum, Import a .kmz route to the GPS Garmin nuvi

About AutoCAD and other perverse software

About web mapping

  • Placeopedia, geo-referenced wikipedia
  • Automating the cache of google earth
  • Google Transit in 50 cities
  • Inserting Open Street Map Within a post

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