Geofumadas on the flight March 2008

March went, between the Easter holiday, the trip through Guatemala and the hope of attending Baltimore. But with everything, there has always been some time to read on some blogs, of which I have chosen at least one topic of interest that I recommend reading.

The best of the forums

Gabriel Ortiz

Obtain the coordinates of the vertices of a polygon in ArcGIS 9x and ArcView 3x


What version of AutoCAD do you prefer?


Opioniones of those who already installed AutoCAD 2009

Forum Cartesia

Maximum errors allowed in the measurement ... old, but instructive

Development Topics Smoked GIS

Geomatic Blog

Starts Gvsig for mobile


Cadastre and Google Earth in the Virtual Office


What does Jack Dangermond think of GIS trends?

Spatially Ajusted

Summaries of the ESRI Developer Submit

Engineering Blogs

Engineering in the Net

Previous guide of AutoCAD 2009

Engineering Blog

Find dwg files at Google

GIS User

Un year in infrastructures 2007 by Bentley

Maps and more maps

The Map Room

If you go to New York, buy a map of where shit

Talking about Sigs

Maps in 12 flavors

The world of maps

It's weird, because although we're in March already published in April :), smoking on Kimerling and the scale of printed maps

World GEO

Cartography and Orthophotos In the Canary Islands

Other themes

Learn on the Net

collection of the best songs of 80's


Good scroll of Javascripy

Blog in Serio

They robbed us, which is not the same as they plagiarized us

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