Geofumadas: here between us

This week, apart from waiting for a new nanny for my children, I had the opportunity to meet a friend of the blog who contacted me before coming to these lands and told me that I wanted an interview for personal purposes. Geofumadas cafe I was very flattered to know that after a couple of hours of flying he reads me and from time to time promotes these readings among his students to the south of the continent; After a couple of cups of coffee the protocol ended and we could talk about more human issues.

With her permission I will convey the most pleasant of her conversation, which made me reflect as I ran in the afternoon while my back tried to sweat in the colder cold of this season to lower the pounds that could leave the delicacy of my mother-in-law's meals.

Our goals are similar

The donut-flavored coffee made us laugh at the follies of our president eating melon on TV, as well as his own, wanting to fix the Honduran crisis without even being able to solve that of his people.

And, wherever you are, apart from joining the term kml, we have similar aspirations. We differ in moral criteria because those change with the years and the delta of the UTM zone that divides us, so we can not match between the taste for having children now, screaming in the air our religious beliefs or the point of view Social left.

But we all want to overcome ourselves in an integral way, we want to learn something new every day, to sell more this year, to have a better salary, to face our labor relations problems; Whether we suffer Psychological harassment or we tend to narcize our happiness, in the end, we all aspire to be less harmful to those who cause our success.

No matter where you are, half of your goals will be exceeded thanks to your effort, the other half will depend on the opportunity you give others to help you improve ... I hope so too.

This blog is not because of me.

In the end, the question he asked me was repeated as in the beginning, those who write more in Geofumadas. In this couple of years I've learned that topics should come out of audience, If there is something educational in the statistics is that you can know the concerns of the visitors; For this reason, is that the content of Geofumadas is nothing more than something of my passionate routine mixed with what others are out there asking.

It means then that this blog is not due to its author, my preferences are not the branded software, but the 2009 I decided to write a considerable amount of topics on AutoDesk Civil 3D to balance the marked routine with Bentley and the existing demand in the readers The same reason why for 2010 I have planned to rummage through your guts ArcGIS 9.3 from an Acer Aspire One.

The limitations of the template can not be overcome, because I prefer to stay in Cartesians than to move completely to my Home; In return, I hope to keep readers with for love of content. But deep down, unlike what some people think, half of the things I talk about have been learned as I write, a practice that requires research ... I write about what is usually routine at work and what I do not I write a lot, I do not know much (or nothing).

And what do I win with the blog?

The utilities of having a blog are beyond recognition, those things, will fill the imbalance of self dissatisfaction and passing things like that. But, in 5 years, that possibly this fashions known as Blogs could be an obsolete subject, I will undoubtedly feel satisfied to have known new places, Kids geophysicsnew friends, new topics and open new opportunities for readers ... and for me. But that is also a passenger.

When I finished running today, my wife called me and said that it seems that we already have a nanny, I was relieved because Monday ends my vacation. After ruminating the subject I felt melancholy, I called my children who accompanied me all day and I gave them that hug that today I had not given them. Those things ... are eternal.

2 Replies to "Geofumadas: here between us"

  1. Thanks Lautaro, it is a pleasure for me to have readers of your quality.


  2. Hi Geofumado, you know? At some point two years ago by chance I found this blog almost fresh out (I think your first post had a week to have been published) since then I have followed closely and for me it is a pleasure to read and learn interesting things about This world of GIS. Even more pleasant is to be able to know that behind this blog is a person as human as any other (beyond just an excellent technician) and even know the ability of analysis and the criterion so accurate I have read in some post (on the situation in your country).

    Well in summary, I thank you and I admire the quality of your blog and the spirit so human that you print, I congratulate you for the ability you have shown to be able to synthesize such complex topics in simple texts, and finally (and with reference this post), consider that you have another friend here in Mexico …………………

    Success for this coming year !!!!!!

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