Geomatics magazines - Top 40 - 5 years later

In 2020 : we did a categorization of magazines dedicated to the field of geomatics, using as a reference their Alexa ranking. 5 years later we have made an update.

As we said before, geomatics journals have gradually evolved with the pace of a science whose definition depends a lot on technological progress and the fusion of disciplines around geo-engineering. The current trends killed printed magazines of great history, reoriented the priority theme of other publications and closed the gap between what is a conventional magazine with a digital publication of blog features; adding his influence in social networks. The added value in knowledge management and synergy among actors became more important, so the role of conventional editorial moved to the coordination of international events, webinar service and publication of digital content.

Measurement using the Alexa ranking

I am using the measurement of Alexa, with the March 31 date of 2019. This ranking is dynamic and changes over time depending on good or bad practices of the websites and adjustments of the Google algorithms. In general, it is a kind of equivalent to readers or visitors plus a site health relationship.

The lower the Alexa ranking, the better it is, so and are usually in the first two numbers. It is not so easy to be below the 100,000 top and although there is also ranking by country in this case I preferred to do it using the global, indicating in the table the ranking for Spain as additional information and a country where the site also has a significant ranking.

It is interesting, because in the top10 beyond trying to be a competition, evidence the complementarity that represent the sites of knowledge dissemination in this ecosystem. At that time there were only two Spanish-speaking sites (Geofumadas and Franz's Blog). Today we have 4 Hispanic sites, with the growth of MappingGIS that rose from the Top30, GIS & Beers that by then did not appear as well as the Terino Geoinnova blog.

This is the new Top40 status to 2019.

As a reference, I show the previous status in 2013Geomatics magazines

Where did the list of geomatics magazines come from?

I have used a total of 40 publications, keeping the previous list, although eliminating at least 6 that are already out of circulation, ordered up to a lower ranking of 5,000,000. While that is a fatal position for a site, I have extended it there to measure the growth of some journals that deserve better luck.

  • 21 of these magazines are in English.
  • 14 are from the Hispanic context. With the Geofumadas variant and the gvSIG project blog, which have a traffic of other languages ​​although they are originally produced in Spanish.
  • 5 are in Brazilian origin. With the variant in this case, MundoGEO also has a Spanish version in its traffic.

The Brazilian ones are marked in green, the Spanish ones in orange and the Anglo-Saxon ones in blue.

The Top 10 list

No Magazine World ranking Epaña Ranking Other Ranking
1 94,486 USA 94,448
2 107,570 USA 55,355
3 113,936 USA 64,660
4 125,207 USA 126,865
5 130,586 25,307 Mexico 19,983
6 162,860 10,143 Mexico 9,182
7 171,097 22,249
8 178,637 Brazil 14,002
9 228,877 13,784
10 Home 250,823 36,159 Mexico 26,249

Some peculiarities of this Top10:

  • In general, they remain in the top 10: gislounge, gpsworld, geofumadas, and ArcGeek (franz's blog).
  • New tenants in this 10 top: Geospatialworld, Mappinggis, geoawesomeness, ClickGEO (the blog of Anderson Madeiros), the Geoinnova blog and Gis & beers.
  • They left the top10 switched to the 12, that died, to 30, to 24 and to 11 and Gisuser to 19.

The list of 10 to 20

No Magazine World ranking Epaña Ranking Other Ranking
11 268,868 USA 83,208
12 272,855 Brazil 466,694
13 316,516 USA 162,383
14 323,707 Brazil 24,352
15 347,202 USA 207,854
16 446,609 24,247
17 524,281 USA 338,157
18 566,578 Mexico 30,385
19 568,926 45,978
20 694,528 317,374

The list of 21 to 30

No Magazine World ranking Epaña Ranking Other Ranking
21 716,191 USA 548,219
22 726,264 USA 374,066
23 873,577 South Africa 23,294
24 882,085 India 398,567
25 891,499 USA
26 1,067,006 Chile 15,715
27 1,291,383 India 629,685
28 1,554,262
29 1,566,120
30 1,700,212

The list of 31 to position 40

No Magazine World ranking Epaña Ranking Other Ranking
31 1,725,842
32 1,789,039 Brazil 74,014
33 1,834,579
34 1,898,444
35 2,338,536
36 2,581,438
37 2,909,503
38 2,932,937
39 3,910,797
40 4,569,208

In conclusion, it is important to rescue the presence of the 14 Spanish language sites (previously they were only 8) within a complex list of scalar with a more interesting positioning. Although the Spanish-speaking field is much wider than these 14, such as the impressive Nosolosig list.

It is true that to make the selection of which sites to enter the holes that have been left out of the first list of 5 years ago, it has not been easy; especially because the initial margin was more in favor of English-language magazines; thing that has changed so much now. In a while we will make a new update, considering that in this court there have been interesting representatives of the Hispanic media: as an example, Infinite Geography which has been around 5 for years with a reach in means beyond the web that many of us would like to have; if it were to be fair, Geografiainfinita should be in the 8 position; same after the publication we have been reported by that should appear in that top, in a 37 position with a pr of 2,590,195. So, since we had to make a cut, we left the graph and tables there; If you consider that some other site should appear on this list or at least be listed for a subsequent revision, notify

We are likely to do the same as in the Top40 from geospatial Twitter, where it was necessary to draw a Hispanic and English-speaking ranking.

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