Digital terrain model in Google Earth

Valery Hronusov is the creator of the kml2kml application, it is interesting that today he has published a note in which Google recommends it, strange but not knowing what your application does that just weighs 1MB.

Some time ago I talked about how to do something like this with AutoCAD, and also with ContouringGE . Let's see how this application works on simple things like the generation of a digital terrain model.

Yojoa lake

This is Lake Yojoa, a place where in a couple of weeks I will be spending the holidays of this summer, to the left the protected area of ​​the mountain of Santa Barbara and in the background you see the Atlantic Ocean.

Yojoa lake

The download of Kml2kml takes 15 seconds and the other 15 installs. Well, you do not have to give it a lot with this application, you just have to select the option "3D surface" from the analysis tools and fill in the data of the panel that is displayed.

Yojoa lake

The first screen gives us the option to choose the source, in this case GEterrain.

Then you can configure the size of the grid, in this case I will give each 50 in both latitude and longitude.

To obtain the capture from Google Earth, "Get current view" is selected, although you can also enter data manually.

Yojoa lakeThen in the next panel it is indicated if we want to generate the mesh of points, the silhouette of the model, surfaces, contours and if we want the tonality as a background raster.

Also at the bottom is the destination of the file generated as kmz.

Yojoa lake

Then the third panel contains the names of the layers and fill colors. It can be grayscale, and you can also define dot sizes or line thickness.

And that is all there is to be done. Once you press the Plot button, Google Earth creates a kmz file with everything.

Level curves, surface, points, image adjusted to the terrain. Amazing. To see the fillings it is better to display Google Earth in openGL form.

Yojoa lake

In this case I have only talked about terrain modeling and generation of contour lines but this application serves many other purposes. Kml2kml can be Download to test for 7 days, and if you dare to buy it only costs $ 50.

This product is discontinued. You can use PlexEarth to work digital models of Google Earth.

10 Replies to "Digital terrain model in Google Earth"

  1. The terrain layer is activated from the top menu.
    Optional tools.

  2. Hello!
    I have the same problem as Here
    Grid data status: Data is not loaded
    You tell me where I look for the layer of land to activate it? Is this in Google Earth or in the kml2kml window?
    Thank you

  3. I am interested in the terrain if you can get the buildings?
    If so, I will try to download it.

  4. You have to be more specific, what 3d file you are referring to, one that already exists or you want to make one from Google Earth

  5. as you can extract the contours for an 3d file in the trial version.

  6. Sharp: This works with the free version of Google Earth.

    here: it may be because you have not activated the terrain layer, it is the last one in the left panel.

  7. Mmmm, you will not know why it comes out, data is not loaded ... I can not load it, I get it in get current view, and nothing tells me that ... data is not loaded ... .. Why will not you know ??

    thanks ..

  8. Hey, that Google Earth version I need to be able to use this application.
    The free or some of pay ...


  9. Interesting complement for Google Earth, if Google adds it officially to not have to be paying that it is expensive = /

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