Google goes on Facebook and Twitter

Buzz has been integrated into the Gmail environment, half the world in the morning has been spent between 5 and 25 minutes trying to find a productive use. In the first instance, and after half a day I have reached this poor conclusion:

If you had the habit of reading the mail as it is appearing, with that inevitable click on the received tray, now it will also be necessary to be behind each buzz. And in just one morning, following a few ... there are many ..

For a while I found it difficult to find the business model of Facebook, especially because those who passed 3x (not all) are not so fond of uploading photos and writing on the boards, with so much work to do. Inclusive I came to doubt If it was not a new way of wasting time.

Buzz google gmail

But when we see the amount of millions tucked inside, we understand that the business is not in what Facebook does, Which is not much by the way:

  • A board to write what you do and know what others wrote.
  • A space to upload photos, you are tagged in that terrible pose with crossed eyes.
  • A space to write, pure text
  • A network of contacts and events
  • Sale of calaches and basic pages.

Maybe I skipped something, but it happens that Facebook does not do much more, to date we have seen few interesting developments on its API, more than small toys and simple pages. It is what the people inside do that sustains the business model; millions are already there.

We understand the Internet as a bunch of linked pages, with a search engine to reach them, with an email to communicate, and in some cases, with some tools to upload content. Facebook is like another Internet, but not of pages but of people, interconnected, sharing events and communicating. This is the reason why big companies have followed it: AutoDesk, Bentley, ESRI, They all have a page almost for each product or service, basic template, but with thousands of fans following them already.

It is possible that the phenomenon of social networks, is a revolution not so fleeting under this scheme. Because they all do almost the same, many have robust APIs, but in this, the one that becomes popular becomes more popular, and it is sustained by generating business. For now, the gain is in the traffic, the formation of networks of followers, the distribution in cobweb; but sure as I finish this post there are already very structured plans to exploit this world of 350 million.

Twitter joke That's why Google, after its unsuccessful attempts (like Orkut), goes through here, now with Buzz inside it will not be difficult to fight these networks. Then it will Wave, and the reason is obvious: no one has his mail on Twitter or Facebook, all, even the creators, sure they are in Gmail, is now exploit without creating a new social network but taking their functionality to Gmail.

As long as we do not waste more time ... welcome.

It is the high, hehe, so critical that I am of these waves, and at the end of the post I finish saying this:

Here you can follow me on Facebook

Here you can follow me on Twitter

3 Replies to "Google goes on Facebook and Twitter"

  1. In the end, it is a can. Facebook has the advantage that you enter when you want to see it, this being in Gmail stress.

  2. Bufff! I am already going crazy ... I can see some grace to facebook, to share links, readings, follow interesting people ... but this Buzz nothing that does not conquer me ...

    Twitter ... it does not convince me either ... I do not know why ...


  3. LOL…

    After such criticism .... Typical:
    Follow me (follow me), jejejeje

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