GPS the size of a key chain and off-road phones

There are gadgets that you can not find in a phone shop, such as a phone that supports submerging 30 minutes underwater, the cover with which you cover an iPhone for a day of jet ski or a miniature GPS to not forget an offshore route.

Land Phone is a store where you find that and much more specialists in ruggedized telephony and pioneers in this sector, with a catalog of products quite extensive, to show a couple of examples that can be found in your page:

Miniature GPS

I would have been very useful the time I spent almost an hour looking for the vehicle in a parking lot where there were more than 4,000 vehicles and I forgot to write down the section code; I was about to cry and make a fool of myself thinking that it had been stolen. For these things, or the case of remembering a route without resorting to a conventional browser, these devices work wonderfully. It is so small that it acts as a keychain, it can store enough points to remember a return route just by following the arrow.

gps key chain

The AquaBox Waterproof Smartphone Case

In this you can put mobile, without preventing you from using the touch. Ideal for use on the beach, pool, water sports or fishing because the device will float thanks to its handle and you can submerge up to 6 meters without risk.

gps key chainIt is compatible with all these models:

  • Apple: iPhone (all), iTouch
  • BlackBerry: Bold 9700, 9000, Pearl, Storm 2, Curve Torch
  • HTC: Hero, Touch Pro2, Aria, 2 tilt, droid incredible, My Touch, Ozone
  • HP: iPaqGlisten
  • Huawei: Ascend
  • Kyocera: Loft
  • LG: Touch rumor, Tanthom, Ally, OptimusS, M, Centio
  • Motorola: Backflip (closed), Droid R2D2, Droid 2, Devour, CliqXT, defy
  • Nokia: N8, Nuron 5230
  • Palm: Pixi, Plus, Pre
  • Pantech: Crux
  • Samsung: Seek, Instinct HD, Intercept, Transofrm, Captivate, Moment, Caliber, Craft, Gravity
  • Sanyo: Zio
  • Sony Ericsson: Vivaz

All Terrain Phones

They are usually designed for aquatic or humid environments, that is why they usually support up to half an hour submerged, extreme temperatures, float on the water and are covered with a rubber shell to withstand falls of more than 1.50 meters. Additionally, they bring space for more than one SIM card and are unlocked for use with any phone provider; They usually endure many hours of continuous conversation without losing the signal. Some include a laser pointer, flashlight, FM radio, a dynamo to charge the battery without the need for electrical power and some as the case of the Bravus LM802B supports up to 19 days in standby mode.

gps key chain

There are brands such as Bravus, Samsung, Sonim, ITTM, Topcom, ATEX, among others, with different models and detail to the condition that interests us. So if you have plans to buy an all-terrain phone or be a distributor, this is a place to start.

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