Silken Hotels, Luxury and Personality

A hotel always seeks to satisfy and give the best service; but only a few can be recognized as the best, and this is the case of the Hotels Silken chain, which is dedicated entirely to offer the best service and quality to achieve a pleasant stay.

The weather has managed to make the hotel chain Silken, one of the largest and most renowned in Spain, currently counting on 34 hotels. Silken is present in the main cities, with Madrid hotels, Barcelona, ​​Zaragoza, Valencia, Burgos, Salamanca, among others.

All the details and moments are important for Silken, from the arrival to the hotel you can feel the great welcome and appreciate a unique design, with top finishes; So 20 hotels in the chain already have the certification in Iso Quality and Q - Tourist Quality.

MAD_PUAM-exter-1 Each of the hotels has its own personality, staying in them will always be an experience and will also bring benefits, such as being part of the Silken Club, where with each visit points are received to obtain free stays in hotels in the chain.

As part of the chain's growth, this year will be 3 new openings, with a hotel in Madrid, London and Berlin; and for the 2010 Silken will be present in La Coruña, Alicante and Las Palmas.

Through the Silken website you can check the availability of rooms in each of the hotels in the chain, find the best prices and if reservations are made, on arrival at the hotel you will be presented with a bottle of wine and you can participate of the free weekend draw at the exclusive Puerta América Madrid hotel.

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