How much software is worth in this blog?

For more than two years I have been writing about crazy topics about technologies, generally about software and its applications. Today I want to take an analysis of what it means to talk about software, with the hope of forming opinion, highlighting virtues and how they respond to the economic income and words generation of Internet traffic at least with respect to advertising via AdSense .

Software Entries that involve you Visits involving it Revenue produced
AutoCAD 127 32,164 112.03
Microstation 115 2,991 7.64
ArcGIS 73 8,768 6.96
Google Earth 144 12,257 16.24
Manifold GIS 78 512 2.32
GvSIG 37 1,501 2.25
IntelliCAD 13 2,239 2.26
Virtual Earth 30 215 0.03
ArchiCAD 7 435 0.97
CadCorp 7 43 0.09
Mapinfo 7 295 0.30
Total 638 61,420 151.09


I have consulted in Google Analytics, based on exactly the last months 5, by query by inclusion by keyword and applying both the name of the company and the main software. The total visits from those keywords were 113,953 and a total of $ 320.02 arrived by keywords.



I have considered entries or posts written based on the categories of the side panel, with the exception of Mapinfo, with which I had to resort to a search through LiveWritter because to date does not constitute a category.

The visits

Interestingly, the 61,420 means the 54% of the total visits by search engines using keywords. What could mean that more than 50% of my visitors coming from Google come because of these 11 programs.


When comparing the total income coming from these 11 programs, against the total come from keywords, it is concluded that the 47% come from there.

Software gisIn terms of positioning, we can divide visits between the number of post written, this would give us the responsiveness that programs have to traffic and this is the table.

AutoCAD has responded beyond what I have talked about him, thanks to his popularity and see that thanks to it, IntelliCAD responds second. Then ArcGIS followed by Google Earth to close the first four.

It is curious how gvSIG in the Hispanic medium is better positioned than Microstation. And see how Manifold GIS goes to the queue along with CadCorp, which means that it's not a good business to talk about software that is not very widespread in terms of advertising revenue, but it's a good thing to have the scoop.

Either way, writing about software is one of the initial ideas of this blog. Finding traffic has been good, finding ways to Google AdSense is useful but learning something new every day ... it's very satisfying.

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  1. An ancient petition, I hope one day to please her.

  2. I have to tell you that I read your blog with some frequency. And yes, I accept that many of the things I read have to do with Autocad and Google Earth, although I found very interesting articles with content of unusual programs, which, for various reasons, I have not taken the freedom to download or to recommend to my acquaintances.

    Your blog as such seems to me a very interesting technical proposal (and why not, of personal comments) that presents an interesting analysis of programs of common use and not so common. Of course, you take your time to find out from them, I guess or they send you the information since you are somehow involved. Which I think is good, since the intention is to share your opinion of products and technologies so that others we know from a site and not fooling in many pages, which sometimes we do not have time to do.

    On this basis and trying to understand the final meaning of the blog, we would have to understand what your advertising entry means in your life (which I imagine is no bigger thing) or how relevant that is for you. I get the impression that the fact of learning-teaching is the greatest satisfaction in your case and is pragmatic, which is neither good nor bad.

    I must confess that I hardly get into the "notices", unless they are relevant to know a program or a product. Which brings me to the following request: (I know I have not dived inside the page, but ...) Could you make a review about the best products, the most frequently used and the most up-to-date with respect to GPS? I would like to know your opinion about it and the valuations to know what are the conventional differences between products and their operation in general. I promise to see the links you recommend… hahahaha !!! :-))

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