Microstation V8i - How to activate the license

This article shows how the license of Microstation V8i is activated, in this case I am showing it for 8.11 version, but in the same way it works for any program from the 8.9 (XM) versions.

Download microstation v8i bentley

When you buy a license of Microstation V8i, there is some information that is received and that must be kept very carefully because they will be required at the time of activation:

  • The product purchased. This appears in the area marked in Gray
  • The serial number This is unique for each license acquired. It is the one marked in green in the image although it is never requested at the time of activation.
  • The download area. This is a url that Bentley sends, from which you can download the program at any time, marked in blue in the image.
  • The name of the server This is usually Product.Activation.bentley.com, the one that is marked in red
  • The activation key of the site. Marked in purple.

1 Download Microstation V8i

This is done by means of the url marked in blue. Anyone could do it if they had this key, because in reality it is equivalent to requesting an educational license or requesting a SelectCD, where the product is received with all the functionalities, but which only allows to work sessions of 15 minutes. Also from here they download the Prerequisites of Microstation V8i which is an installer that contains the necessary applications and components for the respective installation.

2 Install Microstation

This does not require science, only that the prerequisites are installed first and then the Microstation V8i program.

3 Activate the license

To activate a license you need to have access to the Internet, so it should be the first step to try not to waste time of taste. Generally, when you enter a non-activated program, a panel with the option to register it starts.

In case it does not appear, it is made from:

  • Utilities> License managemnt ...

This raises a panel from where you choose:

  • Tools> activation license wizard

Download microstation bentley

In this panel, we choose the option according to the type of license in case of having a license server or a SELECT service. In this case for the purposes of the post I am demonstrating how to do it through the option NON-SELECT or Node Locked user. Then the button is pressed Next.

The next panel asks us what kind of license we have. In this case, we choose «I have an activation key»And the button is pressed Next.

Download microstation bentley

In the next panel, the Server Name, which is just the one that appears in red in the first image of the article. In general it is the same, but it could change over time and in my case I had problems using it as it was provided to me using capital letters in between, I had to use Productactivation.bentley.com. You also enter the Activation Key, Which is the one shown in purple in the first image of the article, then we use the button Test Connection To see if everything is in order and only if our Internet had a Proxy or encrypted connection would have to specify data.

Download microstation bentley

The next panel asks for the country where the license is being activated and then a panel appears that is usually the most complex: The issue is that it asks for the product version, but not only the 8.11 that we assume, but two more codes depending on the release. Nowhere in the invoice or procedure does that number appear, which usually causes confusion.

One way to find out is to open the Microstation V8i that we go down and go to «Help> About»And we will see the code. To activate a newer version with the same Activation key, Only if you have paid a SELECT service.

Download microstation bentley

If you activate a license SelectSeries 1, The numbers can be used O well

Next we should see a message of the configuration and finally the activation. Sometimes an error message comes back, but it is usually just the message because when you enter the program the license already activated appears.

To prove it, we do it again Utilities> License managemnt ... and we should see the licenses activated in checkout, which in some way is an activated license for the specific machine and that has an expiration date in case we want to use it in another computer, format or release the checkout. Also in Help> About You can see the details of the license in use and the expiry date of the checkout.

Download Microstation V8i

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  1. Hi Javier.
    This article is to explain how a purchased license is activated. I purposely made that serial blur, because I can't publish a serial on this site. Microstation is paid software, not free. That serial must be obtained from the perpetual purchase invoice of the product or monthly subscription payment.


  2. you can not see the serial you say purple. Where do I get this serial?

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