How to be aware of Geofumadas

Geofumadas exists since the year 2007, more than 1,200 articles has taken us to 100,000 visits per month with a start from scratch as of January of 2011 that we migrated to The update times have varied, from the obsessive period of 40 monthly articles to times when Twitter and Facebook download the need for topics that are so brief that they do not deserve an article but can not go unnoticed either.

Now it is understood why not those articles called "Geofumadas al vuelo" and those that did not exceed two paragraphs, which are relieved by means of social networks and despite the fact that right now I am adapting my time to maintain a periodicity before the changes of routine , here I summarize some ways how to keep up with what happens in Geofumadas; all three are part of the syndication strategy that we started in January of 2011.


1 Subscribe to the Twitter account

This is recommended for those who keep a constant reading of the geospatial environment, because on Twitter, apart from knowing immediately when a new Geofumadas article is published, you can see tips and links to topics that I myself read and highlight the day. The frequency does not go beyond 12 tweets per week but it guarantees that they are within the geospatial theme and include automatic announcements of the new publications.

In the year and a half that this account has, there are more than 1,600 followers. The majority of mobile users who prefer this route.

Follow Geofumadas via Twitter

Follow us_facebook2 Through the Facebook account

This is another way, with a branch of readers with characteristics somewhat different from those of Twitter. Here we usually publish links to brief tips, videos and what more readers see: Dates of when the Geofumadas templates will be available for download. It is also announced when there is a new article in Geofumadas, minutes later.

In a year and a half of the Twitter account, more than 18,000 followers follow us as fans.

Follow Geofumadas via Facebook

gmail_logo_stylized3 By mail

For readers who do not connect every day, or who do not have the patience to come to geofumadas to see what's new, there is our subscription system in which each new article arrives in the mail the day after it was published. For this, you just have to subscribe and confirm the subscription.

Here you will almost reach 1,500 subscribers, not counting the feed readers.


In conclusion,

  • If you want to be aware of diverse topics in the geospatial area, and Geofumadas at the time of publication, follow us on Twitter
  • If you want to know when the templates of Geofumadas will be free, follow us on Facebook.
  • If you do not want to lose a new article, subscribe via email.
  • And if you use an Android or any other mobile, Here is an application To follow us more easily.

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  1. Hi Peter.
    The AutoCAD 2013 course, as you read, is purchased online, using a Credit Card or PayPal.
    There is no book, there are two DVDs.
    There are no representatives in countries, only sells Geofumadas.

  2. I would like to buy the complete course of autocad 2013 and I want to know if they have any representative here in Bolivia to be able to acquire said book

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