How To Capture The Ipad Screen

We live in the times of fast foods, everything is on the way, modular, scalable and of relative relevance. So much, that we learn things on the flight. After almost six months of using the Ipad, it occurred to me how I could do what on the desktop computer we call "print screen"Or translated into our language" to capture A snapshot".

How is it done on the PC?

Print screen ipad To do it with the PC, the keyboard brings from the DOS versions a button on the right end that makes the capture and step the command Copy. Then to make it real we go to the program that interests us (Paint, Word, Excel, etc.) and we do Edit / Paste or in its defect Ctrl + V.

It's basic -too- but with the penalty that the Coffee with donuts This afternoon, for a long time I did not know him; And this I used Floppy disks from 5-1 / 4 on an IBM 286 with an orange-tone monitor tapping right into the retina ... another story.

How to do with the iPad.

I assure you that I was about to buy an application for 99 cents because I could not find a way for it. But it is not possible that such elementary things have not been implemented in a tool born of the ingenuity of Steve Jobs, So after looking for a few minutes I finally found a way.

Print screen ipad

Print screen ipadThe buttons marked on the graph are pressed at the same time. That makes a kind of fade in blinking, then the sound is heard as from a camera capture and that's it. The image is stored in the photo application, with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Passing them to the computer does not work with the procedure I explained a few days ago, which is for Pass other files to the PC. In this case the Ipad is connected to the computer and they are obtained as if you were downloading photos from a camera. If the automatic wizzard is not activated, the right button is clicked on the device and the Get option images.


Print screen ipad I take the issue to promote a couple of drawings of my daughter, which she has done with AutoDesk Sketchbook -I just hope I do not blow the bandwidth-. While this version for Ipad does not have all the functionalities of the desktop, I must admit that it has great potential. My daughter has been explaining to me almost step by step her evolution; I used it a couple of times at the beginning but then she took the vice after trying to teach her To paint with oils; Almost dies because it is allergic to turpentine.

Imagen 062

This was his first attempt.

Imagen 036

This is a classic, and I want to see it done with acrylics.

Imagen 052

In this I asked for help to touch up the fish ... then I knew that the file is saved as a file Layered Because I was suffering for a while because of the bubble I had to touch.

Imagen 046

With this one showed me that in the new version the brushes were loaded like plugins.

Imagen 049


Imagen 053

The last one we did together at Christmas, when I taught him the basics. Although in my ignorance we did everything in one layer As if we were using MS Paint, then she discovered it and showed me that it was possible to do it on separate layers.

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