How to access an external email from Gmail using POP3

In this article we will see how to configure POP Gmail. For those who travel a lot or require access to email from different computers, using the Microsoft Outlook client is really uncomfortable; although for institutional purposes it is almost inevitable, after knowing Gmail it feels like a cave to use an Outlook that has not advanced much in terms of search and backup functions from the cloud.

This time I want to show how Gmail can be used to access an external email account, we will use as an example Webmail, which is one of the most common offered by hosting services. The first time I did it I was somewhat confused and I never knew how I did it, in the second time it cost me almost the same learning, so I decided to take this to an article that reminds me of a third time and that serve others.

Data for the exercise


Mail account:

Create account

This, in the case of Cpanel, does not take much more than define the name, password and storage quota.

Pop gmail smtp mail

To access this created account is not required to have access to Cpanel, but through the address

Here you can choose an option in the entry, where you can see the configuration of incoming and outgoing servers and ports.

Pop gmail smtp mail

There are also some shortcuts to configure a log file for Outlook. In case of using other mail than Wbmail, there is always a link that shows us this configuration information. Although POP3 is just a protocol, Webmail supports incoming POP3S (SSL / TLS), IMAP, IMAPS (SSL / TLS) and outgoing SMTP, SMTPS (SSL / TLS) as incoming mail.

Request access from Gmail

Once the account is created, in gmail We request access to this account:

Settings> Accounts & Import> Add POP3 mail account

Pop gmail smtp mail

The next panel adds the address that interests us, in this case

This causes the system to send a notification to that email, to authorize external access. Then you have to enter the key that has been sent to the mail to verify the property.

Set up gmail pop mail

While there is a simplified access option via Gmail, the disadvantage is that it will always show that it was sent via Gmail. That's why the need to do it this way.

In the panel that appears, we must enter the data:

  • User:
  • Incoming mail server:
  • Outgoing mail server:
  • 110 port, Should not give problems.
  • Password of the mail.

Pop gmail smtp mail

You also have to specify if we want you to save a copy in Webmail (recommended) and with which label we want these emails to arrive in Gmail.

This way, we can send and receive from this account using Gmail.

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