How to connect to the Internet in remote areas

I always wondered what I would do if I had to go to live in a small town, where access to the connectivity we enjoy in the city is limited. More now that our hobbies for the interaction that came with the Internet makes us very aware of new mail messages, news on social networks or instant messaging.

A couple of weeks ago I was able to prove it, when I went on Easter holidays. On the way I noticed that the mobile signal was poor, so the modem never responded; although the Roaming account is just coming to me as if I had used it. When I asked the owner of the small mountain hotel about wireless he saw me again as if he were a weird animal, he told me that people came there to disconnect… and he recommended an Internet Cafe to me almost 45 minutes.

Adsl online

It was interesting to live a whole day without seeing the mail, without moderating site comments, without Analytics statistics, but I was scared the urgency for possible customers of products or services that we have offered and where not responding in the following 6 hours can be Sign of scam or irresponsibility.

And then, in those surprises that gives life I found a Spanish fallen from Gijón lying on a hammock, with his iPad mini talking via FaceTime; As I know this service requires broadband I approached and ended up learning more than I expected.

Some years ago, thinking that we could have satellite access to broadband would have been not impossible but very expensive. To think that now can be achieved with prices ranging from 24,90 Euros per month surprises us; And is that in this the technology has made leaps and bounds although the principles are quite similar to the transmission of conventional telephony, now offering Internet, Television and Telephony within a same plan.

This is the Asymmetric digital subscriber line, Known by its abbreviations in English ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line), Where innovation to the well-known DSL is to download and upload data with asymmetry that allows playing with the directionality to obtain signal permanently; Contrary to the conventional signal of telephony where this would have brought a terrible account at the end of the month.

In the market now there are two ways to obtain Adsl by satellite:

Through a unidirectional system. This is ideal if you want to separately contract the Internet service of the telephone.

For this, in Spain SkyDSL offers monthly services from 24,90 € with a speed of 1,5 Mbit / s, which seems acceptable to me considering that the Internet is not a distraction for children to watch videos on Youtube after doing tasks but A tool to connect to the academic or business routine.

The disadvantage is always in the bandwidth we want regarding the upload / download limit. Usually the upload is higher than upload but there are special cases like when we use FTP to be uploading information to a server.

By means of a birding system. In this case, a special modem is used, with flat rates more acceptable if we consider that Adsl by satellite As SkyDSL in its flat rate S offers 6 MB down to only 39.80 Euros. Almost the same price offers Quantiles.

For other years, when I remember being frustrated by the poor signal quality when implementing cadastral systems in municipalities, I think we now have many better options. In addition, the technologies have improved their ability to serve data via web services and not raw files or terminal services.

One of the limitations was always that the antenna and accessories were complicated to obtain; Then they became obsolete. Currently the service providers offer the equipment for rent or deposit without having to make investments.

So, if you are thinking about retiring to your farm and are afraid of disconnection ... it is not bad to consult the local suppliers of Adsl by satellite.

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