How to make an automatic index with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is usually one of those programs that we learned to use without taking a course. Doing click y enter We realized that it serves to make documents, which has tables, which tables do summation as in Excel and that has some additional things to the blue screen of Word Perfect.

It has not been this one of my topics, except for items that go to the Tag Office for mortals, To know where to consult when we need to do them or the memory fails us.

Often, the documents we work on, on its second page, have a content index. For short documents, it is not a matter of complicating the world, but if we are doing a job with many pages, we must learn this kind of Microsoft Word attributes. I confess that I myself was afraid for a while, until I explained it to one of my technicians and I realized that it is barely done in three simple steps that what they occupy is practical.

1 Work with text styles

There are other ways of doing this, but I prefer to do it through the styles, because this also serves to work the texts in a uniform way; the upper tab "Design" is selected to see the section of predefined styles.

To display the side panel is done from the bottom corner of the segment, as shown in the image.


In case we hope to create a new style, the best is how it is done with the dimensioning of AutoCAD. We make the text with the type of letter, color, bleeding and other attributes to taste, then we do right mouse button and in style we keep it as a new style. It does not hurt to see the templates that come with Office, some have good taste, not to start from scratch, then from this same panel can be modified.

Indices in word

So when assigning style to a paragraph we do it with a click. With the advantage that changing the style modifies any text, without having to do it paragraph by paragraph. In this way you can create different types of titles, subtitles, fill text, text for the images, in short any remark that gives uniform taste to the document.

2 Create the index

Having the tab "References", Click on the space where we occupy that the index of content is placed, then we select Tabla de contenido And then chose "Insert Table of Contents... "as shown in the picture.

Indices in word

As a result, we get a panel showing some styles. In the option "Modify... "we choose the name of the styles that we hope will go in the index and the priority. And with this we are created the index of content with hyperlinks to the respective page.

Indices in word

If we want to change the style of this, it is changed in the button "Options... "I suggest not to complicate until we have practice in the simple things of the procedure.

3 Update the index

If we make changes to the document, we only make a right button on the index and we choose to update the fields. It does not matter if we delete chapters or changed the numbering, everything will update automatically.

Indices in word

Already with this post have no excuse my technicians to make stylish reports of the great work they do in the field.

... grammar, prosody, drafting, Stretching of images and consistency ... not resolved by Word.

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  1. The truth I did not find anything useful here does not give me the answer that I am looking for

  2. The truth is there are many good things you can do with google

  3. This has only served me to realize the incongruities of illogical ways to think that they do not arrive aningun caminoo certain ....

  4. That is not indexing, it is making a table of contents ... an index gives the location of specific words and expressions in the document ... (Good reference, but for tables of contents):

  5. I had forgotten a last step so I did it on foot, thank you

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