How to import a Geographics project to XFM

Let's see, a couple of days ago I was breaking the coconut to do it, and I've found the trick ... hehe, I'm liking

I will use it to explain how the connection to a local project is made and then import it to XFM.

Connect a local project.

In my case, I have a .mdb with the mscatalog, categories and features of a previously used project. What I want is to connect it locally, let's do it to the perverse.

1. Create ODBC

To connect Geographics with Access, you have to create an ODBC, this is done like this (I'm using Windows XP):

  • "Start / Control Panel / Administrative Tools / Data Sources (ODBC)"
  • Then in the next panel you have to select "add / microsoft Driver mdb / finalize"
  • The following panel gives a name to the data source, in my case I will use "local_project", without the quotes and select the "create"
  • Then I indicate where I want to create the database, in this case I will place it directly in C and I will call it "project_local.mdb", then I leave the panel, accepting both.

So far what I have is a blank database, with a data source that Geographics understands.

2. Create the project in Geographics

To create the project, we enter Geographcis

  • It is usually in "Start / all programs / microstation / microstation geographics"
  • I choose any file and once inside I select "project / wizard / next / crate project" then I choose the directory, I will place it in "C: / proyecto1"
  • Then select the location of the seed file, if it is different from the one in "C: Program FilesBentleyWorkspacesystemseedseed2d.dgn"
  • And finally we select the origin of datso "ODBC" and write the name "local_project" as we created it before.
  • Finally, it is done "create / next / verify, register mapid / cancel"

With this, the project has created the structure of tables that Geographics needs in the database that we had in blank.

3. Replace the database

Now, we close Geographics and replace the database we created with the one we had with data, making sure it has the same name. When we open Geographics, and open the project we will have the categories and attributes available to work with.image

4. Replace the ucf

One option ... not for this moment, but it's for the project to open directly ... sorry, we'll talk about it later.

Import the project from Geospatial Management

1. Use the wizard

Now to import the project to XFM, we do the following:

  • image"home / all programs / bentley / bentley map v8 xm / bentley geospatial administrator"
  • File / import geographics database
  • Here you have to select the ODBC source, the name of the database, the user and assign a name for the schema to be created. It is also necessary to indicate which plot units we prefer, I will use metrics.

2. Create a new file

Now press the button "new file"

and there we can see that the complete project has been created with categories, attributes, line styles, type of objects ...

geospatial management xfm2

not bad, not to break the coconut ... to save the structure as xml is done "file / save" or "file / export"

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