How to insert local images into Google Earth

Responding to some doubts that come to me, I take the opportunity to leave the result for public use.

A while ago I had spoken How to insert images linked to a Google Earth point, although using web addresses. In this case I want to show it using a local route:

Insert image in google earth

Assuming the file is in position C: /Users/User/Downloads/woopra_ios.png, then the code would be:

<img src = »file: /// C: /Users/User/Downloads/woopra_ios.png» />

Insert image in google earth

If you want to do something else, such as placing several images, with thickness, with another size, you can use a larger code like

<img src = »file: /// C: /images/topo1.jpg»WIDTH = 500 HEIGHT = 400 BORDER = 8/>

<img src = »file: /// C: /images/luna.jpg»WIDTH = 500 HEIGHT = 400 BORDER = 8 />

<img src = »file: /// C: /images/shema.jpg»WIDTH = 500 HEIGHT = 400 BORDER = 8 />

If you want to place a table, with more details you can use, background color, etc. It can be done with Dreamweaver or another html editor and then copy the code. For example I leave one:

<Html> <body>
<table width = »500 ″ border =» 0 ″>
<td colspan = »2 ″ style =» background-color: #FFA500; »>
<H1> Header </ h1>
</ Td>
</ tr>
<tr valign = »top»>
<td style = »background-color: #FFD700; width: 100px; text-align: top;»>
<B> Menu </ b> <br /> Text 1 <br /> Text 2 <br /> Text 3t
</ Td>
<td style = »background-color: #EEEEEE; height: 200px; width: 400px; text-align: top;»> Content <table border = »1 ″>
<td> <img src = »file: /// C: /images/topo1.jpg» WIDTH = 100 HEIGHT = 100 BORDER = 8 ALT = »TOPOGRAPHY» />
<Td> image here </ td>
</ tr>
<td> <img src = »file: /// C: /images/luna.jpg» WIDTH1500 HEIGHT = 100 BORDER = 8 ALT = »LUNA» /> </td>
<td> <img src = »file: /// C: /images/shema.jpg» WIDTH = 100 HEIGHT = 100 BORDER = 8 ALT = »TOPOGRAPHY» /> </td> 2 </td>
</ tr>
</ Table> </ td>
</ tr>
<td colspan = »2 ″ style =» background-color: #FFA500; text-align: center; »> Geofumadas </td>
</ tr>
</ table>
</ Body>
</ Html>

And this would be the result:

Insert image in google earth

Obviously Google Earth does not support all html or javascript tags, but enough can be done.

6 Replies to "How to insert local images in Google Earth"

  1. There is an option for the KML file to get the photos of the directory where the KML is stored, and even if it moves from a directory, to a USB or CD, both the KML and the photos, there are no problems?

    Thank you

  2. It is very interesting all this information, I already managed to place the photos in my KML from my hard drive, but I must deliver the photos and the KML on a CD to a client, and as some PC's have the directory of the CD as D: \ and others like E: \ or F: \, you already know depending on the number of hard drives they have, partitions, etc.

    How can I tell my KML file that the photos will always be in the current working directory, that is, pull the photos of the current directory where the KML is stored.

    This option I have done in excel, where I have seen two options, one where by means of macros where the current working directory is activated (ie where the file with which it is stored is stored) and another by means of formulas where first Extracts the working directory and is completed with other functions and formulas.

    There is in the KML programming the option where I tell you that I want you to extract the photo from the current working directory, that is, wherever the file is saved that always look in that same directory for the photo, or they are only my dreams ?

    Thank you

  3. I have tried to place the images as you say in the example, but I only have the white space, I have copied the photos to the same folder where the kmz is and still the same, please help me.

  4. Thanks for your codes to enter images on Google, the code with http link works but this code does not pull me the picture is blank.

  5. Try with:

    The image and KMZ file must be in the same folder. Useful when they want to transport files from one PC to another.

  6. Greetings editor thanks for the help, I hope my worries serve and help many people until soon with more doubts

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