How to know when Google updates images of a place

We would all like to know the moment when an area of ​​our interest receives a new update in Google Earth.

Being aware of the updates that Google makes in its image base is complicated, the way it warns you in LatLong Is quite ambiguous, and although lately Publish kml files With the approximate geometries of each update, it is not easy to keep track of them. For these purposes, Google has launched Follow Your World, a service that comes to solve this need, and that works with the gmail account in the same way as keywords alerts.

Step 1: Go to Follow Your World

Step 2: Select the location.

You can indicate the coordinate, navigate on the map or write the address.

  • As for example, Santiago, chile, av del condor.
  • To do it by coordinate would have to go in the form:

-33.39, -70.61 which means a length 33 degrees in the western hemisphere and a latitude of 70 degrees in the southern hemisphere. That's why they are negative.

The location is a coordinate, just the cross that is seen at the center of the display. There is no way to place a shape, but it is understood that the images are of large extensions so the point is significant of the update in all that area. If we want to follow a whole region, we would have to place points in the corners of the area of ​​our interest or in representative places, such as overlaps between images.

Google earth update

Step 3: Choose the point.

Once the point is ready, click on the "Select point"And we will fill the spaces, where we can personalize the name, such as" Zona el salto, avenida vespucio "

Google earth update

Step 4: Accept

Then select the "Submit" and ready. We will receive an email confirming that we have chosen the site for follow-up.

With the option "dashboards"You can see the points that we follow, eliminate them or add new ones. Once a site is updated, we will get an email with the notice, this works for both Google Earth and Google Maps, because they use the same image base.

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