How to do in Manifold what I do in ArcGIS

ArcGIS of ESRI It is the most popular tool for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), after its ArcView 3x primitive versions were widely used in the 1990s. Manifold, as we called him earlier «A $ 245 GIS Tool»Is a relatively new platform, under a fairly different construction model, however for the user it is an instrument with similar scopes.

In 1988 the USGS created a document called «Process for selecting a Geographic Information System«, Which covered the theme related to the selection of systems, beyond computer tools, in a checklist Of what a GIS should include ... warning, in 1988 we still used 386 machines with windows 3.0 and many still preferred the 286.

The categories were separated into:

  • User interface
  • Database administration
  • Creation of databases
  • Data manipulation and analysis
  • Deployment and presentation of data.
  • Manifold-y-arcgis.JPG

    The document became a must read for those involved in the geospatial world, this list was used for the selection of computer tools and contracting of developments ... what times those. Although the document is almost 20 years old, many of the functions listed are valid and represent the basic characteristics of today's systems, with some names that have barely become more in our jargon geeks.

    Based on this paper, Arthur J. Lembo, Jr developed an experiment with course students Spatial Modeling and Analyisis at Cornell University. The result was a document called:

    How do I do in Manifold what I do in ArcGIS

    With 130 pages, the content of step-by-step procedures to do most of the work on both platforms is enriching, without the use of extra applications, that is, «Out of the box«. Although the comparison is of the 8.3 versions of ArcGIS and 6.0 of Manifold the logic is valid. The translation of the topic is not what my post suggests, it is actually an impartial document aimed at instructing users of both platforms, how to do the same with both systems.

    A good reference for both users and designers and developers in this crazy and smoky world.
    You can read the abstract of the document here, And download it in pdf here And in gratitude to gossip, you tell me there.

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    1. I use Mapinfo, ArcMap and now Manifold; And I am amazed at what can be done with such new and economical software as the Manifold, this manual undoubtedly opens a world of new possibilities; I send you a greeting from Peru.

      Important document, of the best !!!

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