If it were to count ...

... the number of times I've been wrong.

... when I have offended others, with high, low or no intention.

... the times that I have stumbled on the same stone, with the same foot, with the same nail.

it would be so simple all over.

... you just have to have a grocery calculator. Only make sums, without complex regressions, series or integrals.

The blows that hurt most are those caused by a misunderstanding. Swallowing pride, avoiding arguing and letting the other win, is not in the academy. But go that works as a last resort to find peace.

... it also happens that I rarely came across someone who thinks he's free to throw stones like that.

the Saint

I'm fine, just the Parseo it does not always seem to work with replicas of a database that lost its integrity and you want to mend it to pure SELECT FROM.

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